Hound Howl #91 – 20210502

Originally aired live May 2, 2021 on thehoundnyc.com. The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Amazon Music PodcastsApple Podcasts and Google Play.

Link Wray Birthday Tribute
Birthday Salutes to Hasil Adkins and Little Walter
Hound Rants on the Pitfalls of Modern Technology

Instrumental – Link Wray Covers

  1. Sundowners – Rumble
  2. Vikings – Rawhide
  3. Continental Four – Jack The Ripper
  4. Invaders – Rawhide 1965
  5. Jack Nitzsche – Rumble

On Mic
11:13 – 12:58

2nd Set

  1. Link Wray – Good Rockin’ Tonight
  2. Chuck Higgins – Here I’m Is
  3. Cosmo & The Carnations – I’m A Little Mixed Up
  4. Robert Nighthawk & His Nighthawks Band – Kansas City Blues
  5. Hasil Adkins – Truly Ruly

On Mic
26:15 – 28:32

Blues Hangover

  1. Joe Hill Louis – Gotta Go Baby
  2. Sidney Maiden & His Ramblers – Hurry, Hurry, Baby
  3. Bobo Jenkins – Nothing But Love
  4. Papa Lightfoot – Mean Old Train
  5. Big Mac – Rough Dried Woman (Part 2)
  6. Little Walter & His Jukes – I Hate To See You Go

On Mic
44:00 – 46:18

4th Set

  1. Johnny Powers with Stan Getz & Tom Cats – Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips
  2. Bunker Hill – The Girl Can’t Dance
  3. Jerry Arnold & The Rhythm Captains – Race For Time
  4. Ronnie Branam – Puppy Dog Love
  5. Five C’s – Whoo-Wee Baby
  6. Link Wray & His Ray Men – Mashed Potato Party

On Mic
1:00:35 – 1:03:10

5th Set

  1. Amos Milburn & His Aladdin Chickenshackers – Birmingham Bounce
  2. Lucky Wray with Link & Doug Wray – Teenage Cutie
  3. Blanders – Jitterbug
  4. Joe Therrien Jr. & The Sully Trio – I Aint Gonna Be Around
  5. Willie Egan – Rock & Roll Fever
  6. Howard Chandler – Wampus Cat

On Mic
1:17:56 – 1:19:57

6th Set

  1. Eddie Cochran – Skinny Jim
  2. Blue Notes – A Good Woman
  3. Vern Pullens – Bop Crazy Baby
  4. Johnny Wright with Ike Turner – Suffocate
  5. Dale Hawkins – Take My Heart
  6. Nite Riders – Women And Cadillacs

On Mic
1:34:29 – 1:36:29

7th Set

  1. Link Wray & The Raymen – Hidden Charms
  2. Roy Brown – Ain’t Gonna Do It
  3. Dean Carter – The Rockin Bandit
  4. Platters – Maggie Doesn’t Work Here Anymore
  5. Sid King & The Five Strings – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
  6. Rusty Bryant & The Carolyn Club Band – Pink Champagne

On Mic/Outtro
1:51:38 – 1:53:02

  1. Link Wray – Girl From The North Country
  2. Link Wray & The Wraymen – Ain’t That Lovin’ You Babe

Hound Howl Historic – 19860329

Originally aired March 29, 1986 on WFMU. Features Hasil Adkins in-studio performance and interview.
The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Hasil Adkins – Chicken Walk

1st set
Mickey Hawks & the Night Raiders – Cotton Pickin’
Kip Tyler & the Flips – Rumble Rock
Little Richard – I’m in Love Again
Larry Collins – Whistle Bait
Amos Milburn – Chicken Shack Boogie
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview

2nd set
Hasil Adkins – She Said
Upsetters – Upsetter Rock
Chuck Willis – Loud Mouth Lucy
Art Carney – Song of the Sewer
Willie Brown – Easter Bunny Boogie
Hasil Adkins Live in the Studio
Hasil Adkins – The Hunch
asil Adkins – She’ll See Me Again

4th set
Ralph Nielsen & the Chancellors – Scream!
Hank Snow – The Golden Rocket
Hasil Adkins in the Studio (part 2)
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 2
Hasil Adkins – Punchy Wunchy Wicky Wacky Woo
Cramps – She Said
Going to New York
Bill Smith Combo – Tough
Hasil Adkins – Chicken Flop
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 3

6th set
Jimmie Rodgers – Never No Mo’ Blues
Carter Family – Worried Man Blues
2Hasil Adkins – I’m Happy
Back in the Studio with Hasil Adkins
Hasil Adkins – Do the Hot Pants with Me
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 4
Hasil Adkins – Donohoe Boogie
8th set
Bo Diddley – Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Muddy Waters – She’s Nineteen Years Old
Frankie Lee Sims – Walkin’ with Frankie
Fats Domino – Don’t You Lie to Me
Hasil Adkins – California Blues (partial)
Jimmy Rodgers – California Blues

9th set
Elvis Presley – Yoga is as Yoga Does
Bob “Froggy” Landers – Cherokee Dance
Papa Lightfoot – Jump the Boogie
Jerry McCain – Cutie Named Judie
Rosie & the Originals – Angel Baby
Hasil Adkins – Turning Off a Memory (live in NY)

10th set
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 5
2Hasil Adkins – Dottie Dottie
Ray Harris – Come On Little Mama
Sonny Burgess – We Wanna Boogie
Jerry Lee Lewis – What’d I Say

11th set
Equadors – Sputnik Dance
Del Royals – A-Bomb Bop
Jimmy Reed – Rockin’ with Reed
Roy Hall – One Monkey Can’t Stop the Show
Hasil Adkins in the Studio (part 3)
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 6
Hasil Adkins – Shake That Thing
Hasil Adkins – Mean Woman Blues
Hasil Adkins – She Said (live)

13th set
Georgia Gibbs – I Want You to Be My Baby
Al Downing & the Poe Kats – Down on the Farm
1howmen – It Will Stand
Johnny Buckett & his Cumberland River Boys – Griddle Greasing Daddy
Hasil Adkins – No More Hot Dogs
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 7

14th set
Dr Ross – Boogie Disease
Charlie Feathers – That Certain Female
JB Hutto – Combination Boogie
Hasil Adkins – I Need Your Head


Hound Howl #054

The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Aired 03/08/2020
Length 1:53:52

– Set List –


1) Wailers – Mashi
2) Lenny & The Star Chiefs – Warpath
3) Jerry Warren & The Tremblers – Rompin’
4) Rocky Curtis & The Harmony Flames – Crossfire
5) Bees – Terror

Set Break
10:58 – 13:39

2nd Set

1) Smiley Lewis – Ain’t Gonna Do It
2) Los Locos Del Ritmo – Chica Alborotada (Tallahassee Lassie)
3) Texas Red & Jimmy – Comin’ Home
4) Mel Robbins – Save It
5) Fats, Jr. – Dream Girl
6) Bobby Lumpkin & The Kapers – One Way Ticket

Set Break
26:24 – 30:11

Blues Hangover

1) Howlin’ Wolf – Well That’s Alright
2) Les Vendor (Joe Hill Louis) – I Cried For Love
3) Sam “Lightning” Hopkins – Big Mamma Jump
4) D.C. Bender – Boogie Children
5) John Brim & His Stompers – Gary Stomp
6) Doctor Ross – New York Breakdown
7) John Lee Hooker – Dimples

Set Break
49:11 – 53:43

4th Set

1) Tony Mason with The Starfires – Woe Is Me
2) Emmet Davis – You Changed My Night Into Day
3) Hasil Adkins – Is That Right
4) Dominoes featuring Clyde McPhatter – Do Something For Me
5) Lynn Pratt – Tom Cat Boogie
6) Classie Ballou & His Tempo Kings – Loving Huggin Kissin My Baby

Set Break
1:10:43 – 1:13:55

5th Set

1) Al & Nettie with Al Smith Orchestra – Move Baby Move
2) Johnny Lane & The Hot Rodders – Rocking On The Dragstrip
3) Del Victors – Oh Lover
4) Link Wray – Girl From The North Country
5) Johnny Brooks – Pig Latin
6) Charles Page – Able Miss Cable

Set Break
1:30:38 – 1:34:17

6th Set

1) Edgar Blanchard & Prince Royal – Somebody’s Doing Me Wrong
2) Marty Roberts & His Nightriders – Baby
3) Veltones – Fool In Love
4) Bobby Roberts with Highpockets’ Delta Rockets – Big Sandy
5) Richard Berry – Yama Yama Pretty Mama
6) Scotty McKay – Rollin’ Danny
7) Socialites – The King Tut Rock
8) Eddie Burns – Hello Miss Jessie Lee

Set Break/Outtro
1:52:50 – 1:53:52

Hound Howl #052

Aired 02/16/2020
Length 1:58:08


1) Du-Kanes – Shock Treatment
2) Davey Dee & The Mudcats – Puddle Jumper
3) Puddle Jumpers – Snake Charmer
4) Jesters – Peter Gunn Twist
5) Johnny & The Hurricanes – Sheba

Set Break
10:41 – 13:06

2nd Set

1) Louis Jordan – Caldonia
2) Paul Ballenger & The Flares – I Hear Thunder
3) Off Keys with The Deans – Singing Bells
4) Jimmy Carroll – Big Green Car
5) Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Baptize Me In Wine
6) Glenn Barber – Shadow My Baby
7) H-Bomb Ferguson & Mad Lads – She Don’t Want Me

Set Break
29:52 – 32:58

Blues Hangover

1) Shakey Jake & Willie Dixon Band – Roll Your Money Maker
2) Joe Hill Louis – Dorothy Mae
3) Magic Sam – All My Whole Life
4) Birmingham Junior & His Lover Boys – You’re Too Bad
5) Schoolboy Cleve – She’s Gone
6) John Lee Hooker – Hoogie Boogie

Set Break
48:21 – 52:13

4th Set

1) Darrell Rhodes – Runnin’ And Chasin’
2) Jesse Allen – Rockin’ And Rollin’
3) Tommy “Jim” Beam & The Four Fifths – Bayou
4) Midnighters – Ow-Wow-Oo-Wee
5) Vikings – She’s Cool
6) Nathaniel Mayer & His Fabulous Twilights – Going Back To The Village Of Love (Recorded Live at a Record Hop)

Set Break
1:06:49 – 1:09:16

5th Set

1) Archibald – Ballin’ With Archie
2) Eddie Donno – Rough Stuff
3) Cleve Duncan & The Penguins – Mr. Junkman
4) Door Nobs – Hi-Fi Baby
5) Roy Gaines – Loud Mouth Lucy
6) Hasil Adkins – She’s Mine

Set Break
1:24:31 – 1:26:46

6th Set

1) Archibald – Shake Shake Baby
2) Al Ferrier & His Boppin Billies – No No Baby
3) Chuck Berry – Dear Dad
4) Runabouts – Train
5) Clarence Garlow – Pretty Little Dollie
6) Joey Welz – Hey Rattlesnake

Set Break
1:41:11 – 1:42:52

7th Set

1) Incidentals – Baby Shake
2) Screaming Jack Wilks – I Still Love You
3) Billy Adams with The Rock & Roll Boys – Rock, Pretty Mama
4) Joe Gaines with The Original Hi-Lites – I Wanna Go Back Home
5) Mort Shuman – I’m A Man

Set Break/Outtro
1:54:26 – 1:55:18

5 Swans – Lil Tipa-Tina
Howlin’ Bananna – Learn That Parrot To Talk (Part 1)

Me And Famous People…Vol. 1

As a teen I used to love Rock Scene magazine. It was mostly just pictures of Richard and/or Lisa Robinson at Max’s or CBGB’s or parties with their version of celebrities: the Stooges, Patti Smith, the Ramones, Bowie, Roxy, etc. but it seemed so glamorous and exciting. Well, I’m away this week and too lazy to write a full blog entry before I leave so I thought I’d do my version of Rock Scene and just run some pix of myself and some famous faces I’ve stumbled into over the years.

Me and Rosco Gordon, WFMU Record Fair, 1992.

With Ernie K-Doe, Mother In Law Lounge, New Orleans, 1999. Left to right: Michelle Kozuchowski, Me, Ernie (R.I.P.), Kelly Keller (R.I.P.)
With Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite), WFMU Record Fair, 1992.
With Cordell Jackson, Lakeside Lounge, 1997.

Me with Phil May, Lakeside Lounge, 1999? What’s the difference between a straight Englishman and a gay Englishman? Three pints.
With Chuck Wepner, the Bayonne Bleeder, 2000 at Nick Tosches book party (photo by Wayne Kramer).
With Robert Quine, I really miss him, Jeremy Tepper in the back, Hangover Hop, 1993.

With Ike Turner, 1997 (Photo by Bob Gruen)

No Se No, 1984, Ray Kelly (w/Cowboy Hat), Me and the World Famous Blue Jays (Jay Sherman Godfrey and Jeremy Tepper).
Hasil Adkins and Me, 1985 (from 3-d original)
With Hank Ballard, 1987.
Esquerita in the center, the rest of the gang, left to right Me, Billy Miller, Julie Whitney, Todd Abramson, Miriam Linna. 1982?

Hasil Adkins- The Great Lost Album

Haze signed this photo for me on our first meeting, 1983.

The cassette Hasil gave me to play on the my radio show, all un-issued stuff.

Don’t bother dialing Haze’s phone #, it’s disconnected.

Hasil’s funeral notice. 2005

Me and the Haze, from 3-D original, 1984.

It was around 1994 or 5 that Hasil Adkins gave this 90 minute cassette to Norton Records’ honcho Billy Miller to give to me to play on my radio show. I’d had Haze on the show on several occasions for a series of “Hunchin’ Luncheon” broadcasts. Me and the Haze hit off well, we both like Mopar cars, guns and coffee, so we had lots to talk about off mike. Unfortunately, Haze was a bit mike shy about being interviewed and he was one of the hardest on-air interviews I’ve ever done. Soon as the mike would go on, he’d shut up and give one word answers When the e mike was off and he was quite cordial and talkative. We eventually figured out if we brought his guitar and kit, he could just shut up and play live. These broadcasts can be heard on the Hound Archive Air Check page highlighted above. So Billy gives me this cassette of Hasil’s home recordings, no info, no song titles, nuthin’, but every song is great. Some of his best work. Much better than anything on the Fat Possum LP (which captures Hasil on a very uninspired day). As far as I can tell none of this stuff has ever been released, so now it will escape, I being the one to unlock the cage and let it loose on you–the rest of the world. If you’re a Hasil fan, fidelity isn’t one of your great concerns, this stuff was recorded at Haze’s house in the holler somewhere in the country side outside of Madison, West Virginia and transferred to cassette by Hasil himself. I dubbed it to digital using a program called Amadeus Pro (thanks to Brian Redman, for turning me on to this and teaching me how to use it, without Brian there’d be no Hound). Some of the song titles I made up since, as I said, there were no titles on the tape box (pictured above). These fifteen tunes were chosen from a total of twenty three, so there’ll be a volume two someday (all sad ballads). The great lost Hasil Adkins album, I think I’ll call it Commodity Meat and other delights, or maybe How To Do The Hunch And Influence People. Here’s are the tunes (keep in mind on the original tape the tunes all run together, and some tunes cut off when the tape ran out of Hasil’s machine):
Waitin’ For The Graveyard, Go Go Go Down The Line (Lookin’ Down That Highway), Let Me Talk To You (Moo Moo Moo), Me & Jesus (Got It All Worked Out), Lee-Anne (I Wanna See You Boogie Woogie), Kill ‘Em Rock, Keep On Hunchin’, Way Before My Time (I Should Have Been Born A Long Time Ago), Somebody I Used To Know (and Chased Away With A Baseball Bat), Madison Boone County Blues, Old Joe, Commodity Meat & Peanut Butter, Ugly Chelsea Clinton Hunch (Feed Her Commodity Meat, Bill), Catch Me A Train, You’re Too Young For Me, Reelin’ & Rockin‘. Enjoy, and if I catch anyone tryin’ to sell this thing I’m gonna put my steel toed boot up your ass.
BTW, a funny Hasil antidote: Around 1997 the late, great, Bill Pietsch brings the late, great,Hasil Adkins into the Lakeside Lounge to say hi. I’d just bought some guitars that walked in the door with a crackhead, so I gave Haze a little Fender Squire in exchange for doing a short set. To get warmed up to play, Haze asks if I have any salt. I go get him the salt shaker, he takes it, opens the top, pours the entire thing into his hand and downs it in one gulp. Then asks for the box of salt. I give him the box and he eats the entire box of salt. Swear to God.

ADDENDUM: These links are down for the moment, you can find THE GREAT LOST HASIL ADKINS album at WFMU’s Beware The Blog: The Great Lost Hasil Adkins Album (their links were taken off of mine, might as well let them host it, they’ve got a faster connection).

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