Hound Howl Historic – 19860329

Originally aired March 29, 1986 on WFMU. Features Hasil Adkins in-studio performance and interview.
The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Hasil Adkins – Chicken Walk

1st set
Mickey Hawks & the Night Raiders – Cotton Pickin’
Kip Tyler & the Flips – Rumble Rock
Little Richard – I’m in Love Again
Larry Collins – Whistle Bait
Amos Milburn – Chicken Shack Boogie
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview

2nd set
Hasil Adkins – She Said
Upsetters – Upsetter Rock
Chuck Willis – Loud Mouth Lucy
Art Carney – Song of the Sewer
Willie Brown – Easter Bunny Boogie
Hasil Adkins Live in the Studio
Hasil Adkins – The Hunch
asil Adkins – She’ll See Me Again

4th set
Ralph Nielsen & the Chancellors – Scream!
Hank Snow – The Golden Rocket
Hasil Adkins in the Studio (part 2)
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 2
Hasil Adkins – Punchy Wunchy Wicky Wacky Woo
Cramps – She Said
Going to New York
Bill Smith Combo – Tough
Hasil Adkins – Chicken Flop
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 3

6th set
Jimmie Rodgers – Never No Mo’ Blues
Carter Family – Worried Man Blues
2Hasil Adkins – I’m Happy
Back in the Studio with Hasil Adkins
Hasil Adkins – Do the Hot Pants with Me
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 4
Hasil Adkins – Donohoe Boogie
8th set
Bo Diddley – Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Muddy Waters – She’s Nineteen Years Old
Frankie Lee Sims – Walkin’ with Frankie
Fats Domino – Don’t You Lie to Me
Hasil Adkins – California Blues (partial)
Jimmy Rodgers – California Blues

9th set
Elvis Presley – Yoga is as Yoga Does
Bob “Froggy” Landers – Cherokee Dance
Papa Lightfoot – Jump the Boogie
Jerry McCain – Cutie Named Judie
Rosie & the Originals – Angel Baby
Hasil Adkins – Turning Off a Memory (live in NY)

10th set
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 5
2Hasil Adkins – Dottie Dottie
Ray Harris – Come On Little Mama
Sonny Burgess – We Wanna Boogie
Jerry Lee Lewis – What’d I Say

11th set
Equadors – Sputnik Dance
Del Royals – A-Bomb Bop
Jimmy Reed – Rockin’ with Reed
Roy Hall – One Monkey Can’t Stop the Show
Hasil Adkins in the Studio (part 3)
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 6
Hasil Adkins – Shake That Thing
Hasil Adkins – Mean Woman Blues
Hasil Adkins – She Said (live)

13th set
Georgia Gibbs – I Want You to Be My Baby
Al Downing & the Poe Kats – Down on the Farm
1howmen – It Will Stand
Johnny Buckett & his Cumberland River Boys – Griddle Greasing Daddy
Hasil Adkins – No More Hot Dogs
Hasil Adkins – 1986 interview 7

14th set
Dr Ross – Boogie Disease
Charlie Feathers – That Certain Female
JB Hutto – Combination Boogie
Hasil Adkins – I Need Your Head


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