Hound Howl #097 – 20210613

Originally aired live June 13, 2021 on thehoundnyc.com. The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Amazon Music PodcastsApple Podcasts and Google Play.

Birthday Tribute to Lafayette “The Thing” Thomas
Birthday Salutes to Charlie Feathers and Howlin’ Wolf


  1. Trends – Runaway
  2. Johnny Carter & The Twisters – Rhythm Rock
  3. Travelors – Cyclon
  4. Vilados – Wild Party
  5. Accidentals – Twangin Machine

On Mic
11:08 – 13:07

2nd Set

  1. Jerry Thomas – Don’t Have To Worry (Jumpin’ In The Heart Of Town)
  2. “Bucky” & Premiers – Cruisin’
  3. “5” Royales – The Slummer The Slum
  4. Elroy Dietzel & The Rhythm Bandits – Teenage Ball
  5. Clarence Jolly – Don’t Leave Me

On Mic
24:41 – 26:58

Blues Hangover

  1. Howlin’ Wolf – All Night Boogie
  2. Baby Face Turner – Gonna Let You Go
  3. J.B. Lenore – Mamma Talk To Your Daughter
  4. Joe Hill Louis – Hydramatic Woman
  5. Hound Dog Taylor – Take Five
  6. Howlin’ Wolf – I’ll Be Around

On Mic
42:16 – 44:23

4th Set

  1. Charlie Feathers – Jungle Fever
  2. Big Walter & His Thunderbirds – Six Weeks Of Misery
  3. Dazzlers – Gee Whiz
  4. Sheriff & The Ravels – Shombalor
  5. Astronauts – Tryin’ To Get To You
  6. Wilbur Steinberg – Mop Bop Boogie

On Mic
58:11 – 1:00:53

5th Set

  1. Little Victor – Papa Lou And Gran
  2. Steve Carl with The Jags – Curfew
  3. Shirley Gunter – Crazy Little Baby
  4. Dave Day – Jelly Billy
  5. Ivory Jackson – I’m A Country Boy
  6. Jan Davis – Destination Love

On Mic
1:15:14 – 1:16:44

6th Set

  1. Slim Dortch – Big Boy Rock
  2. Lonesome Lee – Cry Over Me
  3. “Lucky” Joe Almond & His Hillbilly Rockers – Gonna Roll And Rock
  4. Bob Lee – Wanted For Questioning
  5. Sleepy LaBeef – I’m Through
  6. Jimmy McCracklin – She’s Gone

On Mic
1:31:48 – 1:33:19

7th Set

  1. Detroit Junior – Money Tree
  2. Teddy Redell – Knocking On The Back Side
  3. Bo Diddley – Crackin Up
  4. Arnold Parker & The Southernairs – Find A New Woman
  5. Big Chenier & His Night Owls – Let Me Hold Your Hand
  6. Wesley Fairburn & The Delta Boys – All The Time

On Mic
1:46:18 – 1:47:50

8th Set

  1. Mondo – Red Lips
  2. Bogard Brothers – Flying Rock
  3. Moonlighters – Broken Heart
  4. Gunter Lee Carr – We’re Gonna Rock

On Mic/Outtro
1:57:31 – 1:57:58

Howlin’ Bananna – Learn That Parrot To Talk (Part 1)

Hound Howl #054

The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Aired 03/08/2020
Length 1:53:52

– Set List –


1) Wailers – Mashi
2) Lenny & The Star Chiefs – Warpath
3) Jerry Warren & The Tremblers – Rompin’
4) Rocky Curtis & The Harmony Flames – Crossfire
5) Bees – Terror

Set Break
10:58 – 13:39

2nd Set

1) Smiley Lewis – Ain’t Gonna Do It
2) Los Locos Del Ritmo – Chica Alborotada (Tallahassee Lassie)
3) Texas Red & Jimmy – Comin’ Home
4) Mel Robbins – Save It
5) Fats, Jr. – Dream Girl
6) Bobby Lumpkin & The Kapers – One Way Ticket

Set Break
26:24 – 30:11

Blues Hangover

1) Howlin’ Wolf – Well That’s Alright
2) Les Vendor (Joe Hill Louis) – I Cried For Love
3) Sam “Lightning” Hopkins – Big Mamma Jump
4) D.C. Bender – Boogie Children
5) John Brim & His Stompers – Gary Stomp
6) Doctor Ross – New York Breakdown
7) John Lee Hooker – Dimples

Set Break
49:11 – 53:43

4th Set

1) Tony Mason with The Starfires – Woe Is Me
2) Emmet Davis – You Changed My Night Into Day
3) Hasil Adkins – Is That Right
4) Dominoes featuring Clyde McPhatter – Do Something For Me
5) Lynn Pratt – Tom Cat Boogie
6) Classie Ballou & His Tempo Kings – Loving Huggin Kissin My Baby

Set Break
1:10:43 – 1:13:55

5th Set

1) Al & Nettie with Al Smith Orchestra – Move Baby Move
2) Johnny Lane & The Hot Rodders – Rocking On The Dragstrip
3) Del Victors – Oh Lover
4) Link Wray – Girl From The North Country
5) Johnny Brooks – Pig Latin
6) Charles Page – Able Miss Cable

Set Break
1:30:38 – 1:34:17

6th Set

1) Edgar Blanchard & Prince Royal – Somebody’s Doing Me Wrong
2) Marty Roberts & His Nightriders – Baby
3) Veltones – Fool In Love
4) Bobby Roberts with Highpockets’ Delta Rockets – Big Sandy
5) Richard Berry – Yama Yama Pretty Mama
6) Scotty McKay – Rollin’ Danny
7) Socialites – The King Tut Rock
8) Eddie Burns – Hello Miss Jessie Lee

Set Break/Outtro
1:52:50 – 1:53:52

Hound Howl #024 – Aircheck & Playlist

Show #24
Aired 08/04/2019
Length 1:51:36

– Set List –


1) Creations – Crash
2) Catalinas – Destruction
3) Persuaders – Grunion Run
4) Renegades – Charge
5) Jan Davis – Watusi Zombie

Set Break
11:04 – 12:47

2nd Set

1) Little Shy Guy & The Hot Rods – Let’s Rock And Roll

Technical Difficulties

2) Jack & The Knights – Rock The Blues Away
3) John Lee Hooker – 609 Boogie

Set Break
18:45 – 20:15

Blues Hangover

1) Guitar Nubbit – Big Leg Woman
2) Poppa Hop – My Woman’s Has A Black Cat Bone
3) Sunnyland Slim – Highway 61
4) Woodrow Adams – Something On My Mind
5) Jessie Mae Hemphill – Jessie’s Boogie
6) Little Walter & His Jukes – Flying Saucer

Set Break
38:36 – 40:57

4th Set

1) Leon & Carlos – Rock Everybody
2) Johnny Brooks – Pig Latin
3) Echotones – My Baby Doll
4) Billy Miranda – Go Ahead
5) Hound Dogs – Hound Dog Boogie
6) Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm) with Ted Walker Orchestra – Hey! Country Girl

Set Break
54:46 – 56:54

5th Set

1) Howlin’ Wolf – House Rockin’ Boogie
2) Sonny Burgess – Ain’t Got A Thing
3) Shamans with William Powell Group – Shubby Dubby Doo
4) Dale Hawkins – Baby, Baby
5) Bob Kelly & The Bob Kats – She’s My Baby
6) Dusters – She’s Mine

Set Break
1:12:57 – 1:15:05

6th Set

1) King James – River Of Love
2) Jack Donovan & The Knight Caps – Time Machine
3) Joe Lyons & The Arrows – Bop-A-Loop
4) Sam The Sham – Man Child
5) Jaguars – Picadilly
6) Grover Cleveland – California Hop

Set Break
1:30:21 – 1:32:19

7th Set

1) Willie Mabon – I’m The Fixer
2) Lee Dresser & The Krazy Kats – Beat Out My Love
3) Montereys – You Said That You Loved Me
4) Maddox Brothers – Ugly And Slouchy
5) Gary “U.S.” Bonds – I Wanna Holler
6) Rock-Fellers – Orange Peel

Set Break/Outtro
1:49:52 – 1:50:16

Jack Nitzsche – Rumble


Hound Howl #022 – Aircheck & Playlist

Show #22
Aired 07/21/2019
Length 1:58:57

– Set List –


1) Freddie & The Heartaches – Womp – Womp
2) Flamethrowers – Whippy Wow
3) Tommy Falcone & The Centuries – Like Weird
4) Emanons – Stomper
5) Du-Kanes – Shock Treatment

Set Break
10:03 – 11:00

2nd Set

1) Chubby Chops & The Twisting Cyclones – Come Rain, Come Shine, Come Love
2) Don Woody – Not I
3) Wilbur Clark with Willie Welch’s Band – Zodico Mambo
4) Bobby Lollar – Bad Bad Boy
5) Big Moose McDowell & His Tornados vocal by Jimmy Liggins – Cross Hands (Part II)

Set Break
23:09 – 26:11

Blues Hangover

1) Baby Boy Warren – Chicken
2) Little Hudson & His Red Devil Trio – I’m Looking For A Womam
3) Floyd Jones with Sunnyland Slim & His Boys – Dark Road
4) Arthur Griswold & The Organics – Pretty Mama Blues
5) Howlin’ Wolf – Tired Of Crying
6) Eddie “Big Blues” Carson & Bobby Smith & The Big Sounds – Barracuda

Set Break
46:20 – 49:28

4th Set

1) Cokie & The Ty Rones – Josephine
2) Casanova & The Chants – Geraldine
3) Bobby Lee Trammell – It’s All Your Fault
4) Sonny Guitar – Betty Lou
5) Jimmy Witter & The Shadows – If You Love My Woman

Set Break
1:00:44 – 1:03:04

5th Set

1) Long Gone Miles – Hello Josephine
2) Mickey Gilley – I Ain’t Bo Diddley
3) Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Hear Voices
4) Rosie & The Originals – Give Me Love
5) Rudy Ray Moore & The RayTones – Ready, Willing And Able

Set Break
1:16:43 – 1:21:05

6th Set

1) Tommy Lomonte – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
2) Guitar Gable, vocal King Carl – Walking In The Park
3) Al Sweatt with Johnnie Cale & The Valentines – I Hate Myself
4) Ivory Lee – Alley Oop!
5) Curtis Long & The Rhythm Rockers – Hootchey Cootchey

Set Break
1:32:42 – 1:34:37

7th Set

1) Clarence Garlow – No No Baby
2) Sid King & The Five Strings (The King Bros.) – Sag, Drag And Fall
3) Dr. Feelgood & The Interns – Mister Moonlight
4) Danny Goode – Let’s Dance
5) King Curtis – Wine Head
6) Jess Hooper with The Daydreamers – All Messed Up
7) Lovers – Security
8) Ken Cook – Crazy Baby

Set Break/Outtro
1:54:52 – 1:57:10

J.D. & The Hoods – Rumble


Howlin Wolf at 101.

With Hubert Sumlin and a cool guitar.
Early deodorant ad.
Well worth the $1.00.
He just swallowed his harmonica.
At Sylvio’s, ’64.
Early shot, another cool guitar.
At home in Chicago, a White Sox fan?
Back at Sylvios.
Yet another cool guitar.

Upsetting the folks at a Folk Festival.

 European TV, ’66.

Howlin’ Wolf (born Chester Arthur Burnett outside of West Point, Mississippi, June 10, 1910, died January 10, 1976) would have been 101 today, had he lived. If they dug him up and stuck his bones onstage he’d still be better than 99.9% of what passes for blues or rock’n’roll these days. I’ve already blogged on him before (here and here), so I have little to add, except he remains my very favorite singer, and when ever I hear so and so (name your most overrated singer here) is a great “soul” singer, I want to stick a Howlin’ Wolf 78 in their ear. If you are not familiar with Wolf’s music, start with his early Chess and RPM sides, then the un-issued Sun Sessions, forget the psychedelic “birdshit” album, the London Sessions and SuperBlues jams unless you are a completist. For further reading I suggest James Segrest and Mark Hoffman’s Moanin’ At Midnight: The Life and Times Of Howlin’ Wolf (Pantheon Books, 2004). Happy Birthday Wolf, where ever you are.

Howlin’ Wolf

On Shindig, with the Rolling Stones. The Shindogs (with James Burton) backing Wolf and Hubert Sumlin. 1965.

European TV appearence.
Newport Jazz Festival. Nobody booed Wolf for going electric.

Check from Sam Phillips to Chester Burnett (Howlin’ Wolf), in time for Christmas, ’51.

My favorite stamp.
Onstage at Silvios, Chicago, early 60’s.
June 10 was Howlin’ Wolf’s centennial. That means 1ooth birthday for you morons out there. So I’m ten days late and two dollars short, as usual. All of Wolf’s great Chess and RPM sides (and the un-issued recordings) are in print somewhere in the world today, so there’s no excuse not to own them. If you want to know more about Chester Arthur Burnette, I highly recommend James Segrest and Mark Hoffman’s Moanin’ At Midnight: The Life and Times Of Howlin’ Wolf (Pantheon,2004), as well as Don McGlynn’s

2003 documentary The Howlin’ Wolf Story, which is available on DVD and also turns up on cable TV quite a bit these days. I thought I’d post the above clips and pix as my own personal tribute since Howlin’ Wolf was the guy that really turned me on to great music. It was the top clip, when the he appeared on Shindig with my then heroes– the Rolling Stones sitting worshippfully at his feet that really turned my six year old head inside out. It wasn’t until six years later that I found a copy of his Evil (Chess, which was a 70’s re-issue of his first album Moanin’ At Midnight) in a .99 cent bin, a record that would really change the way I heard music for ever.
By the time I saw Wolf live (1974) he was sick and old, he couldn’t get out of his chair and his set was only four songs (about 15 minutes) long, but I’m still glad I went, just to hear him make that sound. It seemed to come from someplace deep inside of him and rumbled out of him like the beginning of an earthquake. It was more than a mere voice, it was a wonder of nature.
For you beginers I suggest you pick up the CD of his first two Chess albums (released on one CD)- Moanin’ At Midnight/Howlin’ Wolf (aka The Rocking Chair album), then get the two volumes of Bear Family Memphis recordings done at Sun Studio– Memphis Days Vol. 1 and 2, and then pretty much everything else he did except the London Sessions, This Is Howlin’ Wolf’s New Album…He Doesn’t Like It (aka the “Birdshit album” as Wolf put it) and the stupid “super blues jam” LP’s is worth owning.

Howlin’ Wolf unseen footage….

I noticed there’s some new Howlin’ Wolf clips up on Youtube that I don’t think are in the documentary, these things have a tendency to disappear fast (like the Bo Diddley and Rosco Gordon clips I posted a couple of weeks ago, both have been pulled, btw I forgot to thank Dave The Spazz for the tip on the Bo clip) so don’t wait. Here they are:

I never saw this one before, from U.K. TV circa mid-1960’s, the Howlin’ Wolf w/Hubert Sumlin and Willie Dixon.

from the same show

another one I’ve never seen, maybe the only footage of the Wolf in color, this was shot near the end of his life, notice the bandage on his right arm, probably from his kidney dialysis….

Also, Wolf fans should check out the Mojo Repair Shop, pronto. And while I’m at it, there’s some great Stones rehearsal footage up on Never Get Out Of The Boat.

Why Blues Singers Should Be Named After Presidents….

I don’t have anything to say today, except blues singers were better when they named ’em after presidents— as seen above, we have Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield)
and Howlin’ Wolf (Chester Arthur Burnett). If you plan on raising a blues singer, here’s a good formula for naming the little bugger— part one: a physical deformity or
handicap, part two: something to eat, part three: the name of a president. For example, Bowlegged Potato Carter. Or how about Ugly Pumpkin Adams. Anyway, the above clips are from the footage D.A. Pennebaker shot at the Newport Jazz Festival, I think the Muddy clip was ’62 and the Wolf was shot in ’66, but don’t quote me on that, I’m too lazy to look ’em up. Just enjoy ’em…..
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