Hound Howl #042 – Aircheck & Playlist


Aired 12/08/2019
Length 1:58:38

Special Guest and Norton Records owner Miriam Linna, with the Rudy Ray Moore Step It Up And Go red vinyl 10-inch, the debut release on the new Crashing The Party Records.

Rudy Ray Moore - Step It Up And Go.png

– Set List –


1) T-Birds – Thunder Rock
2) Johnny Carter & The Twisters – Rhythm Rock
3) Blue Echoes – Moonride
4) T. Carl Adams – Guitar Safari
5) Tommy Blake & The Rhythm Rebels – Mister Hoody

Set Break
10:32 – 14:33

Rudy Ray Moore – Step It Up And Go (CTP-317) red vinyl 10-inch

1) I’m Mad With You
2) Rally In The Valley
3) Dolphin’s Record Shop Radio Ad
4) The Buggy Ride

Set Break
22:24 – 30:14

Rudy Ray Moore – Step It Up And Go (CTP-317) 10”

1) Step It Up And Go
2) Ring A-Ling Dong
3) Ballad Of A Boy And Girl

Set Break
37:44 – 45:24

4th Set

1) Johnny Amelio, Bill Paradis & His Downbeats – Jugue (#405A-58)
2) Jimmy Nolen – The Way You Do
3) Glenn Glenn – One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette
4) Fabulous Rockets, Billy Costa – No Flirtin’ No Foolin’
5) Roddy Jackson – I’ve Got My Sights On Someone New
6) Earl King – I’m Your Best Bet, Baby

Set Break
1:00:05 – 1:01:42

Blues Hangover

1) Nitehawks – Boogie Chillun’
2) Ole Sonny Boy – You Better Change
3) Little Junior Parker with The Blue Flames Orchestra – I Wanna Ramble
4) Willie Nix & His Combo – Just Can’t Stay
5) Sonny Boy Williamson – Stop Right Now
6) Robert Nighthawk & His Nighthawks Band – Kansas City Blues

Set Break
1:18:22 – 1:22:01

6th Set

1) Guitar Jeff & The Creoles – Jump And Shout
2) Phil Flowers & The Bat Men – I’m A Lover Man
3) Del Satins – Feelin’ No Pain
4) Little Arthur Mathews – I’m Gonna Whale On You
5) Jackie Gotroe – Lobo Jones
6) Raiders – Walking Through The Jungle
7) Roy The Hound (Hall) – One Monkey Can’t Stop The Show

Set Break
1:43:21 – 1:45:22

7th Set

1) Table Toppers featuring Little Enis – Talk To Me Baby
2) Tommy Spurlin with The Southern Boys – Hang Loose
3) Walter Miller with The Barons – Standing On The Highway
4) Eddie Gaines & The Rockin’ Five – Be-Bop Battlin’ Ball

Set Break/Outtro
1:54:47 – 1:56:07

Zeke Jackson Show – Red Rose Tea


Crashing The Party #011 – Preview

CRASHING THE PARTY TODAY 5-7 PM at thehoundnyc.com -digging the hottest, hardest, and hairiest records of the Doo-Wop persuasion- vocal group stompers and weepers coming at you every Sunday as Marc and Miriam crank things up – on the heels of the Hound, who comes alive at 3PM – a solid block… of solid rock and sock – prepare thyselves!

Crashing The Party #009 – Preview

CRASHING THE PARTY barges into Houndtown with a new barrage of vocal group annihilators from the deep, dark days of Doo-Wop — join hosts Marc & Miriam as they burn through original, real deal records that will corrupt your corpuscles… wild wax from the East Coast, the West Coast, and all shorelines betwixt and between. See you there! 5-7 PM Eastern thehoundnyc.com

CTP #006 – The bells are driving Louis Silvani MAD!

Legendary group collector/ owner of Times Square Records joins hosts Marc & Miriam with his first interview ever at thehoundnyc.com talking about his early days in collecting and playing his “masterpieces” as he tells us what makes a great record, and talking about the sound and the sound hounds who set the scene for record nuts to come- direct from LS’s top-secret lair deep beneath the earth’s crust.

Don’t miss – the first hour is M&M’s summit with Louie, second hour they run wild with their own respective real-deal vocal group stashes. Part Two will broadcast next Sunday. Let’s go!

And catch the Hound himself 3-5 live and in-person… on the faboo Hound channel, with his original shows running round the clock.

Big news coming up: CRASHING THE PARTY will be live from Los Angeles this Thursday Feb 21 on luxuria- stay tuned for those antics!

CTP #005 – Never, Never

Marc and Miriam barge in with their Doo-Wop n’ vocal group fricasee CRASHING THE PARTY today 5-7 PM at thehoundnyc.com.

Dig the original sounds from the maddest seven-inchers across the land, with a double-dose of promises from the Swallows, the Hollywood Saxons, and our forever revered, and unbeatable Jive Five – records you need to be re- infested with and many more you done never heard before.

Tune in for the live HOUND SHOW starring the beast from the East hisself at 3 pm and stay for CRASHING THE PARTY which blows in 5-7. Cannot wait!

CTP #004 – Help! Murder! Police!

Marc and Miriam crash into Houndtown one mo’ time again with new stacks of wax of the Doo-Wop persuasion, featuring stellar original vocal group rarities, favorites and storming sounds that cause your cranium to quake.

You’ll be hearing sounds from all over America, from Albuquerque to Cleveland to Parts Unknown… crash on in yourselves tomorrow, right after a two-hour live Hound Howl!

CRASHING THE PARTY #004 – HELP MURDER POLICE! Marc and Miriam crash into Houndtown one mo’ time again with new stacks of wax of the Doo-Wop persuasion, featuring stellar original vocal group rarities, favorites, and storming sounds that cause your cranium to quake. You’ll be hearing sounds from all over America, from Albuquerque to Cleveland to Parts Unknown..


CTP #002 – Jump Children – Replay

THIS JUST IN: Crashing the Party #002 – JUMP CHILDREN (And we do know how high) – replays this Friday and Saturday, 1 – 3 pm. Join Marc and Miriam on another wild ride through the Doo-Wop  tanglewood with two solid hours of killers and chillers running the gamut from the audacious (Flamingos – Jump Children) to the bodacious (Five Royales- Laundromat Blues) to the salacious (Blenders – Don’t Fuck  Around) and all points between. Seatbelts fastened, please.
A new Crashing The Party happens every Sunday, 5 – 7 pm, after the Hound Howl!


CRASHING THE PARTY AT THE HOUND’S PLACE TODAY! Marc and Miriam invade the Hound’s turf 5-7 PM Eastern time today – on the heels of the master, the Hound, Sir James, that is, who starts swinging chains and barking out orders ahead of our game at 3 PM. This is our second episodic foray into the Doo-Wop netherworld pulling slabs from the seminal groups of the 40’s to the lost maniacs of the 60s – tune in to thehoundnyc.com. Automotive listening neither discouraged nor recommended. Just count on reaching your destination well ahead of schedule.

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