CTP #006 – The bells are driving Louis Silvani MAD!

Legendary group collector/ owner of Times Square Records joins hosts Marc & Miriam with his first interview ever at thehoundnyc.com talking about his early days in collecting and playing his “masterpieces” as he tells us what makes a great record, and talking about the sound and the sound hounds who set the scene for record nuts to come- direct from LS’s top-secret lair deep beneath the earth’s crust.

Don’t miss – the first hour is M&M’s summit with Louie, second hour they run wild with their own respective real-deal vocal group stashes. Part Two will broadcast next Sunday. Let’s go!

And catch the Hound himself 3-5 live and in-person… on the faboo Hound channel, with his original shows running round the clock.

Big news coming up: CRASHING THE PARTY will be live from Los Angeles this Thursday Feb 21 on luxuria- stay tuned for those antics!

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