Crashing The Party #011 – Preview

CRASHING THE PARTY TODAY 5-7 PM at -digging the hottest, hardest, and hairiest records of the Doo-Wop persuasion- vocal group stompers and weepers coming at you every Sunday as Marc and Miriam crank things up – on the heels of the Hound, who comes alive at 3PM – a solid block… of solid rock and sock – prepare thyselves!

CTP #010 – Preview

Start your engines today 5-7 Eastern for an attitudinal binge fest of mesmerizing mental manipulators of vocal groupdom and cry baby axe-grinders from the world of Doo-Wop with a wish to throttle the heck out of you. And maybe even flash on you. Big time. Join Marc and Miriam right after the Hound at

Tune in for this Doo-Wop bash full of vocal group anxiety destined to make your process take a recess!

Hosts Marc and Miriam pick the chillers, thrillers, and flat-out killers.

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