I Love TeeVee #2 : Garage Greats, Goods, and Unknowns…

The Wanted

The Syndicate Of Sound

The Barbarians

The Wayds (Baby, that’s rock’n’roll!)

Russel Morris (Who?)

Running Jumping Standing Still doing their best Captain Beefheart impersonation.

The Offbeats.

The Remains.


Them Again.

und jetzt aus Deutschland! Das Lords!
More fun perusing Youbtube, this one looking at garage bands, some of them aren’t even lip syncing!
Anyone know anything about the Wayds? That may be the best rock’n’roll clip of all time.
Addendum: The Wayds have reformed, I shit you not. Check out their website: http://pnwbands.com/wayds.html

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