I Love TeeVee #2 : Garage Greats, Goods, and Unknowns…

The Wanted

The Syndicate Of Sound

The Barbarians

The Wayds (Baby, that’s rock’n’roll!)

Russel Morris (Who?)

Running Jumping Standing Still doing their best Captain Beefheart impersonation.

The Offbeats.

The Remains.


Them Again.

und jetzt aus Deutschland! Das Lords!
More fun perusing Youbtube, this one looking at garage bands, some of them aren’t even lip syncing!
Anyone know anything about the Wayds? That may be the best rock’n’roll clip of all time.
Addendum: The Wayds have reformed, I shit you not. Check out their website: http://pnwbands.com/wayds.html

17 thoughts on “I Love TeeVee #2 : Garage Greats, Goods, and Unknowns…”

  1. Oh man, the Wayds just blew my mind. What a collection of guitars! I love that electrified acoustic with a whammy bar and the spider hanging from the headstock. And it sure sounds like the singer is singing “there is a house INTO Orleans” in House of the Rising Sun.

  2. Russel Morris I can help you with a bit. Australian, that clip appears to be left over stuff from his hit “The Real Thing” produced by Ian Meldrum – a drug addled scribe who later went on to interview Iggy Pop on Countdown (a top ten style of thing on ABC tv). Last time I heard of Russel Morris he was playing acousticly in a hairdressing joint on Wednesday afternoons. There truly is no future in Australia.

  3. Part of the Wayds clip is tacked on the the end of “Teen A Go Go” which is a doc about Fort Worth's 60's teen scene. It says: “The Wayds, Oregon City, Or., 65-68”

  4. Completely cheered me up on a blecch day.The Wayds are fantastic. Is there any sort of connection between the Hanford plutonium plant in Washington and all the great PNW bands ? Something in the water ? Or fallout ?

  5. Not really of the same ilk at all as these clips, but for some mind-bending, uh, “rock and something else” on YouTube, check out the band Complete, particularly their standout (?) track, “Hoogie Boogie Land.”

  6. Everything about the Wayds clip is just… The costume changes with every song, “just like Lee Harvey Oswald did!”, the bass player on a detuned six string…”Here's a thing called Louie Louie!”, it's just… I don't have words. How do I save this?

  7. There's a comment posted on the You Tube page for The Wayds saying “Thank God he didn't post the whole thing”. So there must be more Wayds video to unearth.


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