Hound Howl #32 – Aircheck & Playlist

Show #32
With Dick Blackburn
Jerry Lee Lewis Birthday Tribute
Aired 09/29/2019
Length 2:00:07

– Set List –


1) Venturas – Ram-Charger
2) Solar Tones – Rumbling
3) Ricky & The Stompers – Twang
4) Checkers featuring Mike Mandel – Black Cat
5) Cobras – Hammerhead

Set Break
12:08 – 14:47

2nd Set

1) Billy Stewart & Michael Graham Crackers – I Want A Sweet Little Girl
2) Bill Morrison – Baby Be Good
3) Johnnie Fuller with Candy Man McGuirt – No More – No More
4) Steve France with The Hornets – Bad Boy
5) Blind Billy Tate – Love Is A Crazy Thing
6) Clyde Owens & His Moonlight Ramblers – Swing It, Little Katy

Set Break
27:34 – 29:57

Blues Hangover

1) Shakey Jake – Roll Your Money Maker
2) Joe Hill Louis – Dorothy Mae
3) Schoolboy Cleve – She’s Gone
4) Big H Williams – Almost Gone
5) Howlin’ Wolf – House Rockin’ Boogie
6) Little Walter – Boom, Boom Out Goes The Lights

Set Break
46:24 – 50:28

4th Set

1) Lark Foley – Johnie “Skid” Row
2) John & Marcia – Elizabeth And Richard
3) Dave & The Customs – The Local
4) Ramblin’ Red Bailey – Open The Window
5) Jack “Big Daddy” Jolly – Club Delight

Set Break
1:03:41 – 1:08:50

Jerry Lee Lewis Birthday Tribute

1) Jerry Lee Lewis – Down The Line (Live at the Star Club, 1964)
2) Jerry Lee Lewis – Big Legged Woman
3) Jerry Lee Lewis – I’m On Fire
4) Jerry Lee Lewis – Another Place Another Time
5) Jerry Lee Lewis – She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye

Set Break
1:27:00 – 1:30:24

6th Set

1) James Cotton – Complete This Order
2) Wilbur Steinburg – Mop Bop Boogie
3) Bobby Kimble with Jimmy Nolan Band – I’m Sorry We Had To Part
4) Babs Gonzales – Cool Whalin’
5) James Cotton – Laying In The Weeds

Set Break
1:43:00 – 1:44:58

7th Set

1) Leon Holmes & His Georgia Ramblers – She’s My Baby
2) Nadine Renaye – I Like The Way You Walk
3) Tommy Nelson – Hobo Bop
4) Sonny Hall – My Big Fat Baby
5) Kenny Hamber & David Robertson’s Combo – Do The Hully Gully

Set Break/Outtro
1:56:57 – 1:58:08

Maurice Douglas & His Dirty Hot Dogs – Lulu Lays


Jerry Lee Lewis Live At The Star Club, Hamburg- Lost & Found

Jerry Lee Lewis’ Live At The Starclub, Hamburg, 1963 is probably the greatest live rock’n’roll album ever made. It wasn’t released in the U.S. until the early ninties when Rhino re-issued it on CD (I think it’s now out of print), but UK re-issues are fairly easy to find. It’s one speed driven, frenzied, rock’n’roll moment, captured on wax forever. Now, Joe Bonomo, who wrote the wonderful Fleshtones bio Sweat (Continuum Books, 2007) has just published Jerry Lee Lewis– Lost and Found (Continuum Books, 2009), an entire book telling the story of that great LP. It’s quite a story and a must for the Jerry Lee Lewis fan, I assume his next book will be the story of Johnny & the Hurricanes Live At The Star Club.


James Brown’s incredible megalomaniac post-arrest TV appearance– “I smell good….”

He’s gotta be drunk….

Weddings are great to get drunk at….

Russians get mean when they are drunk, which is often, this guy picks (and loses) a fight with a tree.

I love this one from bonehead Hank Jr., skip ahead to 1:18 for the fun….

The Possum’s been known to take a nip now and then…

The Killer looks like he took piano lessons from Chico Marx on this one…a bit long but still entertaining.

Suggested soundtrack, 78’s from guys named Jimmy:
Jimmy Liggins & his 3-D Music– Drunk (Specialty)
Jimmy Myers & his Happy Highway Gang- Drunk Man Wiggle (Fortune)
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