James Brown’s incredible megalomaniac post-arrest TV appearance– “I smell good….”

He’s gotta be drunk….

Weddings are great to get drunk at….

Russians get mean when they are drunk, which is often, this guy picks (and loses) a fight with a tree.

I love this one from bonehead Hank Jr., skip ahead to 1:18 for the fun….

The Possum’s been known to take a nip now and then…

The Killer looks like he took piano lessons from Chico Marx on this one…a bit long but still entertaining.

Suggested soundtrack, 78’s from guys named Jimmy:
Jimmy Liggins & his 3-D Music– Drunk (Specialty)
Jimmy Myers & his Happy Highway Gang- Drunk Man Wiggle (Fortune)

5 thoughts on “Drunk!”

  1. I love that JB drunk clip. It's one of my favorite things. I saw him during his crack period, and he played the theme to “Entertainment Tonight” before he wandered offstage to dance with a befuddled woman in the audience. People left in droves.


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