Gillian’s Found Photo #47

What do you make of this bunch and their snazzy headgear? Myself? I’m at something of a loss for words. Could this be the humble beginnings of the very creepy Plushie movement? The launching of a new cartoon character that never made it to the TV screen? A satanic cult with a sense of humor? Hugh Hefner’s household staff before their yearly Easter Egg hunt? Your guess is as good, well, actually, probably better, than mine. But it really is a great, if somewhat creepy photo. They should do an episode of Mad Men with the whole cast dressed in those hats.

ADDENDUM: A reader has identified the hats as the cartoon character Crusader Rabbit, Jay Ward’s pre-Rocky & Bullwinkle, made for TV animation show, which I must admit, I have no memories of, although I must have seen it at some point as a tyke having been born in 1959.
It sure makes the photo seem less creepy, it’s probably a party full of Jay Ward’s staff.
There are links in the comments section if you care to investigate more background on Crusader Rabbit.
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