Gillian’s Found Photo #47

What do you make of this bunch and their snazzy headgear? Myself? I’m at something of a loss for words. Could this be the humble beginnings of the very creepy Plushie movement? The launching of a new cartoon character that never made it to the TV screen? A satanic cult with a sense of humor? Hugh Hefner’s household staff before their yearly Easter Egg hunt? Your guess is as good, well, actually, probably better, than mine. But it really is a great, if somewhat creepy photo. They should do an episode of Mad Men with the whole cast dressed in those hats.

ADDENDUM: A reader has identified the hats as the cartoon character Crusader Rabbit, Jay Ward’s pre-Rocky & Bullwinkle, made for TV animation show, which I must admit, I have no memories of, although I must have seen it at some point as a tyke having been born in 1959.
It sure makes the photo seem less creepy, it’s probably a party full of Jay Ward’s staff.
There are links in the comments section if you care to investigate more background on Crusader Rabbit.

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  1. “One of your considerable knowledge of mid-20th century popular culture should certainly recognize Crusader Rabbit, star of the first made-for-TV animated series!”You know, I've actually never seen Crusader Rabbit! I was a major Rocky & Bullwinkle fan, I guess it ran on TV in the years that precede my first TV memories. Thanks for identifying the character. I think the first cartoons I can remember were old WB, Courageous Cat, and Popeye re-runs. This photo is a lot less creepy now that I can relate it to Jay Ward.

  2. Crusader Rabbit, that's what they want you to believe. Actually, it's a group of aliens (of the space variety) having a small party before taking over the world. I think that this was rather common in the 50's for aliens to dress as television cartoon characters in an attempt to “blend in”. As evidenced from this photo it wasn't too successful. They've since changed tactics and I believe they now just become politicians.

  3. I saw some of Ward's unsold pilots, none as good as ROCKY & BULLWINKLE: One was about a bumbling Revolutinary Army scout with sharp-hearing and another about 2 lab animals that mistakenly think they are in college.PJL


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