Two Guys Named Freddie

Freddie & the Dreamers.

Freddie & the Hitch- Hikers.

The top clip, from the 1965 NME awards shows just what a maniac live performer Freddie Garrity (who died in 2006) was. I never liked I’m Telling You Now, their only U.S. hit, although I do love Do The Freddie, their attempt at a dance craze, but they could liven up a TV appearence like nobody’s business.
Lester Bangs once called them– “a triumph of rock as cretinious swill”, as a lover of cretinious swill I concur.
The second clip was sent in by  by reader Tom Lundin along with this article from the Denver Eye about Freddie & the Hitch-Hikers who cut the amazing Sinners b/w Mop Flop for Band Box in 1960. Great pix! Great record.

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