Two Guys Named Freddie

Freddie & the Dreamers.

Freddie & the Hitch- Hikers.

The top clip, from the 1965 NME awards shows just what a maniac live performer Freddie Garrity (who died in 2006) was. I never liked I’m Telling You Now, their only U.S. hit, although I do love Do The Freddie, their attempt at a dance craze, but they could liven up a TV appearence like nobody’s business.
Lester Bangs once called them– “a triumph of rock as cretinious swill”, as a lover of cretinious swill I concur.
The second clip was sent in by  by reader Tom Lundin along with this article from the Denver Eye about Freddie & the Hitch-Hikers who cut the amazing Sinners b/w Mop Flop for Band Box in 1960. Great pix! Great record.

19 thoughts on “Two Guys Named Freddie”

  1. I hated Freddie and the Dreamers since the first time I saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show, still hate 'em. Cretinous swill is right. Thanks for stirring up the bile, Hound, I'm gonna go punch my noisy neighbor in the face.

  2. Freddie and the Dreamer's only purpose in life was to make Herman's Hermits sound somewhat like a rock band.

  3. At least Herman's Hermits actually had a couple of good records and recorded a couple of PF Sloan tunes. Can't think of any redeeming qualities for Freddie and the Dreamers.

  4. Yeah, “Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter” and “Henry The 8th, I Am” really rocked the house….

  5. What's not to love? The Moody Blues drum kit, Freddie's passionate mic licking, his Pee Wee Herman moves and laugh 30 years before…Sinners was scary and the guitarist looked even scarier.

  6. Of course no one could love Freddie but the B side of their first (U.K) single's pretty good they did passable versions of Money and Kansas City on their first album.

  7. “Passable”?? Isn't that the same as mediocre? So then, Freddie was the British Pat Boone? Ugh.Maybe they can put that on his tombstone:”His music was passable”Dude, don't EVER listen to “passable” music. I mean it.

  8. No, worse than Pat Boone, cos Freddie didn't discover the Phantom.But we've all heard passable music, so no need for the dude-ing.

  9. Hound, I'm a long-time lurker, first time commenter. I'm shocked that you put Freddie & Dreamers on TheHoundBlog. Anyway, they were rather “interesting” to watch. The Dreamers themselves looked rather thuggish & weird. Anyway, here's some more red meat in the form of a video of Freddie & the boys doing a cover of the Beatles' “Run For Your Life”:

  10. Hey the Hounds got a “guilty pleasure” Good for you. We all have one or two songs that we hate to admit we like. Just trying to visualize Jim “doing the Freddy” in his living room. Freddy to me always seemed to be a poor man's Soupy Sales.

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