Brian Jones

Montreal, 65. Brian speaks up.

Brian and Anita.
Meeting the fans.
Dressed To Kill.
Pulling A Nanker.
Ruby Tuesday, with recorder, ’67.
Lady Jane, dulcimer, same show as above.
A better use of the recorder.
At The Mellotron.

With Gibson Firebird, Where Is That Guitar Today?

                                     Brian Today.

If You Can Get Past The Commercial There’s Some Great Early Color Footage Here.

Brian co-wrote this one, better than anything they’d done in decades.

I don’t have much to add to what I had to say about Brian Jones (Lewis Brian Hopkins Jones, born February 28, 1942, died July 3, 1969) two years ago on the fortieth anniversary of his death. But I guess I still miss him.  In his best selling auto-hagiography Life, Keith Richards’ downplays Brian’s contributions at every chance he gets, even crediting the formation of the Rolling Stones to Ian Stewart.  Brian is still getting the shit end of the stick after all this time. Well, at least he never looked as goofy as Ron Wood, who could have taken at least a few fashion tips from Brian.  It’s forty two years since Brian’s death and I’m still saying my goodbyes.

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  1. I made a pilgrimage to Brian's grave in the mid 80s. Even then, the locals were still talking about him, and were eager to tell me stories in the pub about his funeral. At his grave was a crazy chick who was crying, all the way from Denmark.

  2. “I find it hilarious when Cooder claims the Stones ripped off his riffs, he stole 'em from Blind Willie Johnson…”HEH!And Brian had the coolest hair in 1964, even if Peter Orlovsky had it in 1962!

  3. The photo above of Jones playing “the organ” is actually Jones playing the rare Chamberlin, a dual mellotron keyboard instrument. Far more typical of Jones I would say in that he added much more unusual color to Rolling Stones records (the organ would have been too pedestrian for him probably)

  4. Great post and a fitting tribute, especially with the YouTube clips. Question: Who's singing lead on “I Know?” I'd never heard this track before but the voice sounds more like Gene Pitney than either Mick or Keith!

  5. Anonymous is right about 'Sway'. I even reviewed it….toot, toot. There's a great bit in it where Brian takes Anita to meet mum and dad in Cheltenham.

  6. I just saw your tribute to Kelly Keller. She worked in the record store above The Boot by Tulane in the mid-80's didn't she? I think I played her something my “band” came up with and she gave me a blurb. Great person! Sorry to hear she passed away so long ago.

  7. That's ok Jim, we're used to your typo's, mistakes, screw ups etc…That's a part of your charm. P.J.Dejager

  8. In the Montreal video interview Keith makes no effort to hide his peevishness with the “square” interviewer. Brian seems quite friendly and sincere, and surprisingly voluble, not radiating condescension or boredom as some of the others do.

  9. Of course Ron Wood wears a wig but even if he didn't he couldn't touch Brian by a mile, teenage Russian waitress girlfriends or not. That pic of Brian in natty pinstripes greeting fans is him coming out of court, I think! Now that's style.

  10. “Hound any good books on Brian Jones you can recommend?”Not specifically on Brian, the best Stones book is Stanley Booth's True Adventures of the Rolling Stones which is mostly about the first post Brian US tour ('69) but cuts back to early times in places.

  11. I still miss him too Hound. I will never ever forget the night I first saw him (Jacksonville 1965). He played Little Red Rooster and my life was changed forever.

  12. Cool pics and a great video clip of them being interviewed. I love how even back then Charlie, the straight one, always seemed zonked out of his head!!


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