Gillian’s Found Photo #64

This week’s found photo is dated Oct. ’67.  Place unknown, but it sure seems like California. The kind of girl Brian Wilson wrote songs about. I imagine her dancing to the Byrds at Ciro’s on the Sunset Strip.  A couple of years later she might have put in some time at the Spahn Ranch (as did Beach Boy Dennis Wilson), or with the Weather Underground or even at the Playboy Mansion. Today she would have half dozen facial piercing, or have her non-existant flaws rebuilt by a plastic surgeon for that ever popular “half melted Barbie” look that for some inexplicable reason some modern women feel makes them look better. Personally I like women just the way they are, flaws and all. Any one want to guess what she’s staring off at?

13 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #64”

  1. Looks like a pose, she's not staring at anything. Anyone have any observations about the background? Is that a private single family house? Any particulars on the plants/trees? Is there a sidewalk on her side of the road?

  2. The trunks are hers, she's watching her hippie boyfriend, Dharma, try to get his VW bus running. Mom & Dad threw her out of the house after she brought him home from college for summer vacation to meet the folks. Unfortunately, Dharma doesn't believe in AAA, so he's trying to trade good vibes for a jump start.

  3. Taken on the grounds of Stanford University by a guy she just met in the dorms who told her she really ought to try modeling and, hey, I've got a camera, why don't we do a couple shots? She went along with it, but didn't really like him that much, and later in the week starting dating the captain of the lacrosse team. The guy, now a dentist living in Healdsburg, saved the pics for decades.


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