Keith Richards does Jimmy Reed (repost)

Remember when he looked like this?

Lighting up in ’66

Explaining to Ian Stewart what Andrew Oldman meant by “too ugly” (notice the difference in the size of their heads).

Straps were shorter in the 60’s.

Counting down the seconds until a riot starts.

Pinned eyes and wrapped head, ’72.

Making a D chord, backstage, 1969.
I’m re-posting these Jimmy Reed impersonations done by the Rolling Stones sans Mick Jagger in an L.A. studio circa 1981– My First Plea, My Second Plea, My Third Plea, and Jimmy Reed Jam since they’re rather hard to come by, and are probably the last really good studio recordings done by any of the Rolling Stones (unless you count the Keith Richards’ produced Rasta gospel group The Wingless Angels, whose album is incredible, you can find it in two parts here). My First Plea is one of my favorite Jimmy Reed songs, the lyrics are amazing– “Don’t pull no subway/I’d rather see you pull a train” (translation: don’t leave me, I’d rather see you gangbanged). The Mick-less Stones really capture the Jimmy Reed Vee Jay sound, right down to the compression on the cymbals. While I’m at it, I thought I’d throw in Keith’s ’66 demo for Dandelion– Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue, one of his most under rated tunes, once again, Mick is nowhere in sight. Also here is Keith and Charlie’s tribute to Charles Mingus’ Lord Don’t Drop That Atom Bomb On Me. This was recorded for Hal Willner’s tribute to Charles Mingus LP- Weird Nightmares (1992). Keith shows here how to play jazz without playing big, jazz chords, no mean feat. You also get to hear Charlie Watts’ only recorded drum solo (unless you count the four bars of Get Off Of My Cloud). Bobby Keyes is on sax. Hal if you want me to pull it just let me know. Ah, hell, here’s one more, recorded when Mick finally showed up at the ’81 session that the Jimmy Reed stuff was cut– a cover of Freddie Cannon’s classic Tallahassie Lassie. Mick always said Brown Sugar was a re-write of Tallahassie Lassie, this proves it.
Addendum/Re-postings: Since none of the pre- Oct 15, 2009 links work anymore (see Old Links) I’ve been thinking about reposting some of the things that are simply impossible to find anywhere else. The JD & the Hoods version of Rumble (Barbarian) from the second Jim Dickinson posting and William Burroughs reading Junkie are at the top of my list, but if you have any requests get them in now. The Great Lost Hasil Akdins album is here. Don’t ask me to post anything on Norton or any thing that is in print on a small label like Bear Family, Ace, etc. as I don’t want to hurt their business, I imagine that the small labels are having a tough enough time these days.

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  1. Although Martin Elliot's RS:Complete Recording Sessions credits Mick, Keith said it was him playing on a rack, others have suggested Ron Wood doing the same. Could be anyone, not exactly Little Walter licks being played there….

  2. It could be Ronnie Wood playing harmonica .He occasionally played harmonica in his first group,the Birds and once substituted for Yardbirds harp player Keith Relf when K.R. was ill.

  3. “Grateful as always, Hound. But that's one funky download for Wingless Angels. Can't figure it out.”try looking for it on Captain Crawl or Chewbone (links on right side of page)

  4. One of my fondest memories of first moving to NYC was hearing Bobby Keyes playing with Joe Ely several times at the Bottom Line. David Grissom was on guitar before he got stolen away by “Cougar”. Now that was live music.

  5. “hearing Bobby Keyes playing with Joe Ely several times at the Bottom Line. “I remember seeing Joe Ely w/Keyes at the old Lone Star Cafe on 13th & 5th and Keith stumbled down the stairs from his usual table and jammed for a bit on an out of tune Route 66. Saw him do the same with Etta James at the same place once also. Etta kept goosing him. That's when he was living at B'way and E. 4th, over Tower Records. An apartment he sold to Cher who sold it to Russell Simmons.

  6. Great posts, thanks very much for these. Regarding the “old links”, is there any chance you'll re-post the old Hound shows as set lists (like they used to be) instead of the entire shows? Thanks again.

  7. “is there any chance you'll re-post the old Hound shows as set lists (like they used to be) instead of the entire shows? Thanks again.”I'm not the host of that site, it's rather unlikely at this point.

  8. Jim, Great Stones stuff, thanks! Around Black & Blue, Jagger & Richard re-wrote Brown Sugar/Tallahassee Lassie again and called it High Roller. It is on a Leslie West recording of that era. Doug in NJ


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