Gillian’s Found Photo #35

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Despite the Simon & Garfinkle poster on the wall, I think this little gal’s getting ready to rock.

Perhaps she was a fan of Simon’s early, rockin‘ sides (True Taylor, Tico & the Triumphs, Tom & Jerry). Is that a Hagstrom she’s playing? I believe she’s making a gang signal with her right hand. Anyway, innocent though she may look, a few years on the road and I think she’ll end up
looking like the gal in Gillian’s Found Photo #32. Not visible in the shot, but I’d bet she’s wearing boots from Biba, just like #32. Definitely not a frontwiper.

9 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #35”

  1. Looks like a 'Kent,' a cheapo semi-hollow that promises more than it delivers. I saw an entire store full of them in Pike County, AL a dozen years ago — they were budget guitars and they'd been hanging there since the late '60's. They still had their original registration slips & sales tags; sadly, the necks were all warped, the frets all rusty.Still. All the knobs! All the pickups! Big spoon-style vibrato! You know you'd sound JUST LIKE LINK WRAY if you could find one for the right price in playable condition. I hope the girl in the picture sounded like Link with this rig.

  2. between the cheapo guitar and that 1960's dress, she looks like she's auditioning for the Feminine Complex (all-girl group from Nashville, ca. '68, probably around the same time this photo was taken!)


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