Me And Famous People…Vol. 1

As a teen I used to love Rock Scene magazine. It was mostly just pictures of Richard and/or Lisa Robinson at Max’s or CBGB’s or parties with their version of celebrities: the Stooges, Patti Smith, the Ramones, Bowie, Roxy, etc. but it seemed so glamorous and exciting. Well, I’m away this week and too lazy to write a full blog entry before I leave so I thought I’d do my version of Rock Scene and just run some pix of myself and some famous faces I’ve stumbled into over the years.

Me and Rosco Gordon, WFMU Record Fair, 1992.

With Ernie K-Doe, Mother In Law Lounge, New Orleans, 1999. Left to right: Michelle Kozuchowski, Me, Ernie (R.I.P.), Kelly Keller (R.I.P.)
With Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite), WFMU Record Fair, 1992.
With Cordell Jackson, Lakeside Lounge, 1997.

Me with Phil May, Lakeside Lounge, 1999? What’s the difference between a straight Englishman and a gay Englishman? Three pints.
With Chuck Wepner, the Bayonne Bleeder, 2000 at Nick Tosches book party (photo by Wayne Kramer).
With Robert Quine, I really miss him, Jeremy Tepper in the back, Hangover Hop, 1993.

With Ike Turner, 1997 (Photo by Bob Gruen)

No Se No, 1984, Ray Kelly (w/Cowboy Hat), Me and the World Famous Blue Jays (Jay Sherman Godfrey and Jeremy Tepper).
Hasil Adkins and Me, 1985 (from 3-d original)
With Hank Ballard, 1987.
Esquerita in the center, the rest of the gang, left to right Me, Billy Miller, Julie Whitney, Todd Abramson, Miriam Linna. 1982?

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  1. “you doin' the Dirty Boogie with the Blue Jays there up on the bar?”I have no memory of that photo at all.I can't remember ever wearing a hat….

  2. The Phil May caption sort of puts a new slant on many, many Pretty Things lyrics, doesn't it?I'll be at the stereo in headphones.PJL

  3. As a teen in the 70s in Jax Beach, FL I loved CREEM and yes, ROCK SCENE. I remember looking over the pictures of the bands and wondering what they sounded like. I was primed to hear the first “punk” records when they came out simply from having seen their pictures in the mag. I remember the first photos I saw of the Ramones appeared in the “New Bands” section and I figured they were just another band of would-be rock stars (like L.A.s ZOLAR X) we'd never hear from in the real world. Boy, was I wrong. (Two high school pals went to Georgia Tech in Atlanta and I flew up from Gainesville to see the Ramones there at Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom during a four night, 2 shows per night Thanksdgiving Weekend engagement on their first national tour in 1976. I went for two nights and loved them. Their opening act, GASOLIN, a “heavy” bluesy-rock band from Denmark sat in the club watching the headliners with obvious bemusement.)

  4. “As a teen in the 70s in Jax Beach, FL I loved CREEM and yes, ROCK SCENE.”Did the Stooges play Jax in '74? I've seen it listed on various tour schedules but I grew up in Broward County and don't remember 'em getting to Fla. ever. I hitched to Atlanta to see 'em at Richards in '73, but I can't remember 'em ever getting futher south than that.

  5. Yes, the Stooges played Jax as openers for the J. Geils Band, but I remember it as the fall of 1973, at the big auditorium downtown. I missed them. I lived at the beach 20 miles away and I didn't have a car or a driver's license at the time, and I knew no one in town at the time who would or could go…my concert-going pals were all away at college (while I was in my first semester of Junior College in Jax). I figured (hoped) I'd see them at a later date. Of course, dissolution and their final appearance, partially preserved on METALLIC K.O., was to follow only a few short months later.I later learned that a friend of my young brother had been at the show and he said the Stooges were fantastic…the crowd was apparently hostile from the start and he said that at one point Iggy took his mike stand and was swinging it around him like a weapon to keep some people–audience members? people employed by the venue? I don't remember what he said–from attempting to remove him from the stage.One of my great regrets, missing them, only partly mitigated by my seeing them at Jones Beach a few years back. (I still remember a remark made by someone we ran into there, “Well, we've lived long enough to see the Stooges!” Yes, indeed.)

  6. By the way, noting that you hitched from South Florida all the way to Atlanta to see the Stooges, while I was only 20 miles away…I was never a hitch-hiking kind of guy. Well, see what playing it safe gets you…missing the Stooges!

  7. “By the way, noting that you hitched from South Florida all the way to Atlanta to see the Stooges, while I was only 20 miles away…I was never a hitch-hiking kind of guy. Well, see what playing it safe gets you…missing the Stooges”!The strange thing is the Atlanta gigs (four nights at a club called Richards, I made the last two) were the same week as the show you mention in Jax, which I didn't even know about. I could have made both. The hitchhiking trip wasn't bad, I got to Atlanta in two rides, the second from a couple of college girls who let me stay at their dorm that night. Getting back was a bit harder, got stuck in Gainsville for a few days and finally bought a bus ticket from there home.

  8. I know about Richards…I remember reading about the Stooges gigs there in CREEM magazine, including the infamous night Elton John showed up unexpectedly onstage dressed as a gorilla. That same period–Fall 1973–two of my high school pals were in their freshman semester at Georgia Tech, (I mentioned them earlier), and one of them went to Richards several nights in a row to see the New York Dolls. He wrote to say they were incredible.

  9. Interesting! I saw the Stooges Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat that week at Richards and saw the NY Dolls all week. Wasn't gonna make the mistake of missing a day of them like I did the Stooges. Guy over on StoogesForum is writing a book on all the 1969 – 1974 gigs and I'm gonna give him my info. You might contact him also. address for forum. My friends and I sat with Ron and Scott after the Friday show as it was so incredible and almost no one clapped or paid any attention to them. On Saturday after they played they took us back in dressing room where Iggy and Elton were. We talked about the shows and they felt Friday night was their best show they did that week and it's still my high water mark concert for anyone.


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