Sky Saxon 1946-2009

In all the Farrah-Jacko mania you might have missed the passing of Sky
Saxon of the Seeds. They made some great records– Pushin’ Too
Hard, Can’t Seem To Make You Mine, etc. In fact their first two LP’s:
The Seeds and Web Of Sound (GNP Crescendo) are great, as their fake
live LP Raw & Alive and the collection of outtakes issued in ’77:
Fallin’ Off The Edge Of The World. I know the Doors totally
modeled themselves on the Seeds, but I’ll forgive ’em.
Sky Saxon 1946-2009, RIP.

8 thoughts on “Sky Saxon 1946-2009”

  1. Holy cow! This is the first I've heard.Oddly, yesterday doing the crossword in The Adirondack Express, 71 Across was:”Pushin' Too Hard” bandYeah, it raised my eyebrows, as did your post this a.m.RIP, Sky Saxon!

  2. Like J.D. I have to say this is the first I've heard of the demise of Sky. Sad news. He had maybe two good tunes and recycled them shamelessly. But they were bloody great tunes. I've dug deep into my vinyl vault for my copy of “The Seeds” LP. “Can't Seem To Make You Mine” now boomin' out and freakin' the neighbours.RIP you old nutter.

  3. OR THE RAMONES OR ROCKABILLY OR EVERY AMAZING INSTRO 45 EVER MADE OR ANYTHING GOOD…i love the seeds…i mean it seems like they were saying flower power but it sounded like it as crawling up from a nasty sewer in hell…amazing. i got to hang out with him & his wife sabrina (who i heard the news from)…very sad…he had a weird life like if michael jackson was homeless & burnt on different drugs…the weirdest thing is that i was driving yesterday & i had the big oldies station here in LA on & they were havein a michael jackson memorial thingy & right in the middle of it did a sky saxon one & played pushin' too hard! just for three minutes i thought wow…maybe there is a god…saxon & jackson…who woulda thunk…

  4. The Seeds were like a Mad magazine parody of rock'n'roll brought to life and I mean that as high praise. Two chord teeny bopper trash with plenty of snot and snarl from the heavy lidded, tambourine shaking Sky Saxon. Little Richie Marsh is now “a faded picture” and he will be missed. Thanks for a great blog, Mr. Hound.


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