Waiting For The Big One

The Minister Of Silly Walks can be seen off to your right in the reviewing stand.

This is a military ceremony that was presented to close the border between India and Pakistan who don’t like each other much. The roots of their political problems seem to stem from some sort of jealousy over which side has made the best use of that always snazzy fashion accoutrement– the moustache.
Both sides have great uniforms, in fact best I’ve seen since the Third Reich. Both sides march in a neo-fascist goose step style. Man, them are some amazing mustaches. Now keep in mind, both sides have nuclear weapons. Nobody really remembers what kicked off The Great War (or World War I as we Yanks call it), and it’s likely there will be few around to even remember what kicked off WWIII, but mark my words, it’s coming. It’s obvious the evil cretins that are running the show (our show, their show, the whole show) haven’t learned anything from history, and since our entire economic system is based around war, war it shall be. It’ll be people dressed like this that will set off the first big explosion, then everyone else will have to retaliate. Modern life does imitate art, more to the point, it imitates the movies. We’re way past Clockwork Orange and only moments away from 2001: A Space Odyssey (Dr. Strangelove looks positively quaint these days). In a decade from now the world will look like Road Warrior. Or at very best Solyent Green (notice how the homeless population of New York City seemed to disappear right around the time those “protein bars” started showing up at deli counters everywhere? Where did all those bums, I mean homeless people go? Don’t tell me they all bought one bedroom condos for a million bucks?). Yes, there is something big and ugly looming right over the horizon. Duck and cover.
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