Women, I love ’em.

I love women. Except maybe Republicans. Man, I hate that Sarah Palin. Her voice has the same intonation as every asshole teacher that ever sent me to the principal’s office. But the rest of ’em I love. Here’s three of my favorites, guess which one I married?

I really love Jane Birkin, I probably first saw her on a Yardley commercial as a kid. She shows up in such films as Blow Up, The Knack and How To Get It, and this oddball flick which I’ve provided a clip from: Je’Taime Moi No Plus, a movie directed by Serge Gainsborough, her husband and producer of her records at the time. It is a 90 minute meditation on watching his wife being sodomized by Warhol Superstar Little Joe Dallesandro. A more peculiar movie I’ve never seen. There was a much better (sexier) clip on Youtube but it was taken recently removed. You can buy a French copy of the DVD on Amazon.
These days Jane still makes records, acts and does charity work all over the world.
Brigitte Bardot has intrigued me since childhood. She never made a Hollywood movie.
Some say she never made a good movie, but I love Roger Vadim’s And God Created Woman and Godard’s Contempt, in both flix she basically plays herself. If ever a woman was born to be described as feline it is Bebe. Brigitte Bardot has survived three suicide attempts. Now retired she spends her time helping furry quadrupeds
Gillian McCain is the co-author (with Legs McNeil) of Please Kill Me: The Oral History Of Punk (Grove Press. 1996), the best book on punk rock ever written. She’s also authored several volumes of prose poetry: Tilt (Hard Press, 1997), Religion (The Figures,1999), even made a record with Alan Vega and Ric Ocasek called Getchertiktz. She is currently
working on three or maybe five, book projects.
I would have been dead many years ago had I not met her.
BTW there’s a funny picture of me and my old pal Ike Turner on Eric “Roscoe” Ambel’s blog (click the Knucklehead link on the right), I believe the photo was taken by Bob Gruen at Tramps around ’97.
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