Hound Howl Historic – 19900804

Originally aired August 4, 1990 on WFMU.
The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Busters - Bust Out
Imps - That'll Get It
Scarlets - Stampede
Champs - Train to Nowhere
Four Lovers - Night Train

2nd set
Wilbert Harrison - Don't Drop It
Bobby Lee Trammell - It's All Your Fault
Art Neville - Arabian Love Call
Eddie Bond & the Stompers - Slip, Slip, Slippin'-In
Dave Bartholomew Orchestra - Can't Take It No More*

Bobby Day Tribute
Hollywood Flames - Buzz Buzz Buzz
Bobby Day - Teenage Philosopher
Hollywood Flames - Strollin' on the Beach
Bobby Day - Three Young Rebs From Georgia
Hollywood Flames - Over and Over

Hillbilly Hangover (Hillbillies attempting to do R&B standards)
Malcolm Yelvington - Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
Maddox Brothers & Rose - Milk Cow Blues
Ray Moore - Honey Hush
JR & JW Brown - Drunk
Ernest Tubb - Kansas City Blues

5th set
Al Vance - Every Woman I Know (Is Crazy About an Automobile)
JL Smith - I Got My Top Down
Ric Cartey - Oooh-Eee
Saints - Rock & Roll Ruby
Travelers - Teenage Machine Age (interrupted)

Vibe Report

Travelers - Teenage Machine Age (continued)

6th set
Billy Bland - Oh, You For Me
Webb Pierce - Teenage Boogie
Huey Smith & the Clowns - Behind the Wheel
Jerry Dallman & the Nightcaps - The Bug
Rene Hall - Cleo

Hot Rod Leftovers
Jackie Lee Cochran - Buy a Car
Wally Hughes - Convertible Car
Jimmy Stringer - Hot Rod Kelly
Ron Strawn & the Bucks - Drivin'
George Weston - Hey Little Car Hop

Blues Hangover
Jimmy Reed - You'n That Sack
Bobo Jenkins - Nothing But Love
Jerry McCain - Crazy 'bout That Mess
JB Lenoir - Don't Touch My Head
Morris Pejoe - You Messed Up

Great Cities of New Jersey
Marvin Jackson - Hackensack Rock
Bobby Long - Jersey City
Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon - Palisades Park
Gene Franklin with his House Rockin' Spacemen with Texas Ray - Hackensack (part 1)
Charlie Gracie & the Wildcats - Wildwood Boogie

10th set
Jackie Brenston - My Real Gone Rocket*
Willie Joe & his Unitar - Unitar Rock
Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Cuttin' In
Keystones - TV Gal
Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry - Bo's Beat

Hasil Adkins - Let It Rock

*by request

Hound Howl Historic – 19900714

Originally aired July 14, 1990 on WFMU.
The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Johnny & the Hurricanes – Sheeba
Boys – Cobra
Saxons – Camel Walk (part II)
Tornados – Earthy
Bikinis – Crazy Vibrations

2nd set
Creep – Betty Lou Got a New Tattoo
5 Peaks – You Need a Hair-Net
Tommy “Jim” Beam & the Four Fifths – Bay Rum Rock
Valiants – Walking Girl
Trashmen – Henrietta (live)

3rd set
Piano Slim – Whammy in the Gizmo
Jack Starr – You Only Live Once
Nite Caps – Bamboo Rock and Roll
Bobby Jameson – Okey Fanokey Baby*
Amos Milburn – Birmingham Bounce
Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps – Flea Brain

Soul Caboose
Arthur Alexander – Pretty Girls Everywhere
Uptowns – Here She Comes Again*
Diablos – (You’re Not Good Looking) But You’re Presentable
Mr. Wiggles – Homeboy
Four Holidays – Grandma Bird

5th set
Floyd Dixon – A Redhead and a Cadillac
Wesley Reynolds – Trip to the Moon
Willard McDonald – Bad Mousie Yes
Doug Sahm & the Pharaohs – Crazy Daisy
Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger

Vom Set
Roscoe’s Gang – Raw Power
Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks – Who Do You Love
Beach Boys – I’m So Young (alternate)
Joey Skidmore – Butt Steak
Stooges – I Got a Right

7th set
Johnny Faire – Bertha Lou
Bill Johnson – You Better Dig It
Chuck Wiley – Come Back Baby
Esquerita – Maybe Baby
Crazy Teens – Crazy Date*

8th set
Danny Ross – Go Baby Go
Rockin’ Hi Lows – I Need Your Love
Ike Turner – She Made My Blood Run Cold
Johnny Bellemo – Steamer
Joe Jones – California Sun

Bobby Fuller Tribute
Bobby Fuller Four – KRLA Top Eliminator
Bobby Fuller Four – Rock House
Bobby Fuller Four – Let Her Dance
Bobby Fuller Four – A New Shade of Blue
Bobby Fuller Four – Little Annie Lou
Jim McCrory – Parking Lot
Dorothy Ellis -Drill, Daddy, Drill
Beach Boys – Let Him Run Wild

*by request

Hound Howl Historic – 19940528

Originally aired May 28, 1994 on WFMU.
The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Lenny & the Thundertones – Homicidal
Del Ricos – Voodoo
Glenrays – Easy Rhythm
Flames – Arabian Caravan
Keetie & the Kats – Cross-Ties

2nd set
Mel Smith & the Nite Riders – Pretty Plaid Skirt
Catalinas – Speechless
Jimmy Witherspoon – Endless Sleep
Belltones – Swingin’ Little Chicky
Coasters – Idol with the Golden Head

Hillbilly Hangover
Moon Mullican – What’s the Matter with the Mill?
Davis Sisters – Rockabye Boogie (live)*
Delmore Brothers – Rounders Blues
Brother Claude Ely – You’ve Got to Move
Maddox Brothers & Rose – Water Baby Boogie

4th set
Danny Taylor – I’m the Father of Annie’s Baby
Danny Zella & the Zell Rocks – Sapphire
Rollie McGill – There Goes That Train
Miller-Olsen Combo – Twist All Wrong
Gene Phillips – Hey Bartender, There’s a Bug in My Beer*

Blues Hangover
Johnny Young – Humpty Dumpty
Tampa Red w/Papa Too Sweet – It’s Tight Like That
Guitar Tommy Moore – Your Car Machine
Blind Willie McTell – The Razor Ball
Stick McGhee – Money Fever
Kingsmen – Since You’ve Been Gone

Vibe Report

Vom Set
Gaylord & the Friggs – Deputy Dawg
Hentchmen – Hot Rod Millie
Little Richard Elizondo Combo – Juimonos (Let’s Went)
Eric Ambel – One More Moment Gone

7th set
Sam Butera & the Witnesses – She’s A Kookamunger (Nice Talkin’ To You Baby)
Embers – I Walked All Night*
Henry Hayes & Georgetta Hardin – Stop Smackin’ That Wax
Three Clicks – .38 Slug
Sheriff & the Ravels – Shombolar

8th set
Rod Bernard – All Night in Jail
Baby Wayne – That’s Where It’s At
Bill Devroe – Make It
Dodgers – Cat Hop
Bill Bell & the 4 Unknowns – Little Bitty Girl

9th set
Jimmy & Johnny – I Can’t Find the Door Knob
Amos Milburn – I Done Done It*
Eddie Cochran – I’m Mean When I’m Mad*
Hi Tensions – The Clock
Nite Rockers – Oh! Baby
Chan Romero – I Want Some More

10th set
Little Luther – Du Dee Squat
Jades – Blue Black Hair
Lord Luther – Thinkin’ Man’s Girl
Bobby Charles – Watch It, Sprocket
Versatones – Bila
Addrisi Brothers – Alone and Blue
Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five – I’ll Die Happy

*by request

Hound Howl Historic – 19910511

Originally aired May 11, 1991 on WFMU.
The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Dick Dale – Surf Beat
Blazers – Beaver Patrol
Gestics – Rockin’ Fury
Venturas – Ramcharger
Hustlers – Inertia

2nd set
Fats Domino – Trust In Me
Benny Cliff – Shake Um Up Rock
Billy LaMont – I Got a Rock & Roll Gal
Marvin Rainwater – Hot and Cold
Arthur Gunter – Crazy Me

3rd set
Ricky Nelson – You Tear Me Up
Royal Jokers – I Don’t Like You That Much
Andy Starr – Give Me a Woman
Court Jesters – Roaches
Marlon “Madman” Mitchell & the Rocketeers

Hillbilly Hangover
Milton Brown & his Musical Brownies – Cheesy Breeze
Emmett Miller & his Georgia Crackers – I Ain’t Got Nobody
Buddy Jones – Rockin’ Rollin’ Mama
Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys – Brain Cloudy Blues
Light Crust Doughboys – Pussy Pussy Pussy

5th set
Harvey & Doc with the Dwellers – Oh, Baby!!
Gladiolas – Run Run Little Joe
Johnny Buckett & his Cumberland River Boys – Griddle Greasing Daddy
Johnny “Guitar” Watson – Cuttin’ In

Vibe Report

Vom Set
Roscoe & the Skeletons – Raw Power*
Modern Lovers – I’m Straight
Trashmen – Bird Diddley Beat
Yardbirds – Train Kept a Rollin’
Jerry Lewis – Phone Fun

7th set
Twilighters – Move It
Roy Tann – Hot Rod Queen
Leon & James – Ella Rea
Thunderbirds – Baby Let’s Play House
Willie J Jones – Rock and Roll Dice

8th set
Mike McCallister – 21
Gardenias – Miserable
Jerry Bradford & the Spades – Hey Hey
Johnny “Guitar” Watson – Space Guitar
Freddie Fender – Mean Woman

Blues Hangover
Jimmy Reed – Ends and Odds
Juke Boy Bonner – Runnin’ Shoes
Muddy Waters – You Shook Me
Guitar Nubbitt – Big Leg Woman*
Howlin’ Wolf – Love Me Darlin’

10th set
Johnny Powers – Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips
Zodiacs – High Blood Pressure
Jimmy Lloyd – Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
Andre Williams – Just Because of a Kiss

* by request

Hound Howl Historic – 19900505

Originally aired May 5, 1990 on WFMU.
The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Instrumental (land-locked surf set)
Trashmen – Bad News
Vaqueros – 80 Foot Wave
Venturas – Ramcharger
Jades – Surfin’ Crow
Astronauts – Banzai Pipeline

2nd set
Jimmy McCracklin – The Wobble
Vi-Kings – Rock a Little Bit
Jaguars – Charlena
Bell Notes – No Dice
Little Ernest Tucker – Gonna Get Me a Satellite

3rd set
Pete & Jimmy – So Wild
Hank Ballard & the Midnighters – The Coffee Grind
Kai-Ray – Trashman’s Blues
Stick Herman – Cryin’ Cryin’
Corky Jones – Hot Dog
Billy LaMont – I Got a Rock & Roll Gal

Blues Hangover
Robert Nighthawk – Kansas City
John Lee Hooker – It Hurts Me So
Johnny Williams – Fat Mouth
Dr Ross – Biscuit Bakin’ Mama
Frankie Lee Sims – Married Woman

5th set
Hasil Adkins – Let’s Go Out Tonight
Wilbert Harrison – Poison Ivy
Velvet Angels – Old McDonald

Vibe Report

Vom Set
Swamp Rats – Louie Louie
Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids – Muleskinner Blues
Roky Erickson & the Spades – We Sell Soul
Troggs – Come Now
Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Who’s Knockin’ At My Door

Hillbilly Hangover (yodelin’ in the canyon)
Hartman’s Heartbreakers ft Betty Lou – Give It to Me Daddy
Gene Autry – Frankie and Johnny
Cliff Carlisle – Mouse’s Ear Blues
Jimmie Rodgers – What’s It
Jimmie Davis – Keyhole By the Door

Apocalypso Set
Gladiolas – Run Run Little Joe
Wilbert Harrison – Tropical Shakedown
Treniers – Rock Calypso Joe
Richard Berry & the Pharaohs – Louie Louie
Chuck Berry – Run Joe

Echo-perplexed Set
Johnny Waleen – Mystery Train
Jivin’ Joe Victor – Ready Ready Baby
Davis Sisters – Rockabye Boogie
Bob & Jerry – Ghost Satellite
Fred Mick & the Kingsmen – Baby What Do You Want Me To Do?

10th set
Floyd Dakil Combo – Look What You’ve Gone and Done
Johnny “Guitar” Watson – Cuttin’ In
Swingin’ Mike Martinez – Sugar Baby
Jimmy Witherspoon – Endless Sleep

Ray Charles – I’m Movin’ On

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