The Byrds 1967

The Byrds- Early ’67, Crosby’s Last Stand.

The Byrds Late ’67 .

I loved the Byrds as a kid, so cool, mechanical and mysterious. At least until David Crosby started talking in public. Even if there whole sound came from two Beatles songs, maybe one (Rain, their best).
I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the top clip before, if I did, it was as an eight year old and I drove it out of my mind.
The Byrds, post hair iron, Mike Clarke high enough to fall out of his drum chair (and sporting a precursor to his Firefall look), Chris Hillman with a natural ‘fro, ┬áDavid Crosby, looking full of himself enough to smack, as I’m sure the other bands members would agree. Lip syncing, but not to the record, but an alternate version of their peak moment– Eight Miles High.
Below we see ’em later the same year, the offensive David Crosby given the boot and replaced briefly by Gene Clark, who oddly enough had been booted out for making more money than the rest of the band due to his songwriting credits on the first two album, he’d be gone again within months.
Skip forward to around the six and half minute mark on this version out take of Universal Mind Decoder to hear a funny studio argument, the word fuck was removed at the Byrds requested 17 times, anyone have the uncut version out there?
Universal Mind Decoder.

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