Slim Gaillard

I’m taking a bit of a break from this blog, although I have a couple of short ones ready to post while I’m away. I’ll be in Italy until around June 15th, but I leave you with this amazing clip of Slim Gaillard sent in by Eddie Gorodetsky. The guy presenting it is pretty goofy, but I guess he means well, after all, he went to all the trouble of sharing his rare 16 mm footage with the world. So thanks buddy. And thanks Eddie G.

I remember seeing Slim Gaillard in a tiny club in the west Village in the late 70’s, the joint was almost empty, so we practically had a private show, we sat right in front of him and he joked and goofed with us all through his set. Which was incredible, especially when he played the piano with his hands upside down. Hell, just watching him ask the waitress for a drink, in his own peculiar dialect (aroonie) was more entertaining than most people’s entire careers.

I’ll be back around the middle of the month with plenty to write about. Here’s more Slim Gaillard:

With Slam Stewart, when they were Slim & Slam.

On the guitar.

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