Rock & Roll On TV and In The Movies

Someday we’ll be able to see this stuff in hi-def on our computers, but for now, I kind of like the ultra crappy quality of Youtube uploads, and it’s free (that won’t last for ever, bet your undershorts on that). Here’s a few of my favorite clips, some rare, some fairly common, all great.

Amos Milburn & his Chicken Shackers….what’s a shacker?

The Johnny Burnette Trio take first prize on Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour.

Sam Butera sings Chantilly Lace, Louis Prima digs it from a front table…

Johnny Carroll from Rock Baby Rock It, different from the 45 version.

Rosco Gordon serenades Butch, the alcoholic chicken, also from Rock Baby Rock It.

Carl Perkins on Ranch Party, pre-toupee

Jerry Lee Lewis drives ’em nuts on U.K. TV, the same week as his classic Live At The Starclub LP was recorded.

Elvis first show ever (the footage is silent, ignore the corny music) at the Overton Park Band Shell in Memphis, it’s amazing this exists.

Eddie Cochran on Town Hall Party (is that Gene Vincent’s band?).

Pee Wee Crayton more on him soon….

Louis Jordan and his Tympani Five (where’s the Tympani?).

Larry Darnell, he started his career in dancing in drag.

The Johnny Otis Show, Three Tons of Joy demonstrate the Hand Jive.

Jackie Wilson with some tight pants.

Bob Luman with James Burton from Carnival Rock, Ricky Nelson would steal the whole band.

Buddy Holly and the Crickets as a three piece, I never saw this one before.

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