Johnny Mad Dog

For you New Yorkers, at the Anthology Film Archives  until Thursday of this week:

This movie will never get a theatrical release in the U.S.

The Lion King it’s not!

Johnny Mad Dog was made in 2008, shot in Liberia, starring mostly ex-kid soldiers. It doesn’t get much grimmer than this.  If you can’t see the film, try the book by Emmanuel Dongala.
The DVD is available in the U.K., any unscrambled player or computer should be able to read it.

The next clip is a look at the real thing, this ran a few years back on the sadly defunct NY Times/Discovery Channel, great purveyors of snuff TV.   It’s called Liberia: An Uncivil War and the only way to see in nowadays is in ten minute clips via YouTube.  About half way though if I remember it correctly is perhaps the most brutal scene ever filmed. Thankfully the war is over in Liberia, Charles Taylor is still on trial. Didn’t Lars from the A-Bones date his daughter way back when?  It’s unlikely Taylor will ever experience even an iota of the suffering he has caused.  but these things can happen anywhere in the world, at any time. How soon until it happens here?

Me, sorry, but I’m gone until spring. See you then.

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