Larry Knechtel Dies

Larry Knetchal 1940-2009

Kip Tyler- Will His Story Ever Be Told?

Studio keyboard player and bassist Larry Knetchal died of a heart attack last week. Knechtel was a member of LA’s session players loosely known as the Wrecking Crew as well as a former member of Duane Eddy’s Rebels and Kip Tyler and the Flips. He was born in Bell Garden, California in 1940. He also played on the Elvis ’68 Comback (Singer Special) TV Show, played organ on the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, played bass on the first Doors and Byrds albums (that’s him on Mr. Tamborine Man). As the original members of the Flips die off (sax player Steve Douglas died in recent years)a great story is rapidly being lost to time, that is the story of Kip Tyler & the Flips. Still living members include Sandy Nelson, Jim Horn, Kip Tyler, Mike Bermani, Mike Deasy and Jimmy Troxel. Anyone out there got Kip’s phone #?

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