Gillian’s Found Photo #6

This week’s delve into Fang’s found photo archive asks the musical question Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl? as the Barbarians once put it. What I like about this photo is that it evokes the sleazy feeling of Hebert Selby Jr’s Last Exit To Brooklyn (Grove Press, 1957). The sad, queen in a cheap room somewhere, getting ready for a night out. The gloves are a nice touch, they cover up the tell-all hands. It also reminds me of a funny story. A friend of mine was working, renovating an apartment in the French Quarter in New Orleans for a gay couple who owned a parrot. The couple would be at their jobs all day while my friend was left alone to work while the parrot would say over and over again– “You’re just an all wrong drag queen”. The only other phrase it knew was– “ooh ooh oooh”. Anyway, getting back to this week’s found photo, I wonder what’s in the record collection? Judy Garland no doubt, but what else do you think is in there?

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