Gillian’s Found Photos #57

Fang’s back with another found photo. Fans of such things can still see the show of Found Photos– Help Me that she curated along with Megan Cump at the Camera Cub Of New York at 336 W. 37th Street, Room #206 until December 18th. Thanks to everyone who showed for the opening party.
This weeks pic, date and place unknown, shows three gentlemen with drinks and cigarettes in hand.
Who are they and why are they here? I don’t know the answer to the first, although the one on the left looks vaguely familiar (was he famous),  and they’re here simply because I love the photo. Most especially because it looks like there are bullet holes in the wall behind them  (look over the head of the guy in the center). My guess is the photo was taken in the late 50’s or early 60’s.  The white trench coat on the fellow on the far right is a nice sartorial touch, as is the slightly out of sync eyeballs of the guy in the middle.
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