Gillian’s Found Photo #56

As the sign in this weeks’ found photo says, here is the famous guitar player from Argentina, Alberto Lesama. What he’s doing with that (rubber?) crustacean? Other than attempting to water his friend, it is beyond me. I’m at a complete loss for a comment. ┬áSo I thought I’d make a contest out of this week’s found photo posting. The best caption wins a copy of New York Review Books Classics new edition (restored from the original manuscript) of William Lindsay Gresham‘s classic 1947 novel Nightmare Alley (with an introduction by Nick Toshes), one of the greatest forgotten novels of the 20th Century. I ended up with an extra copy, so I will go to the post office and mail it off to the winner. Send your captions into the comments section, me and Fang will pick the winner, after we announce the winner you can mail your address to us care of this sight to claim your prize.
Addendum: A winner will be announced Sunday, Oct. 24, so you have a whole 24 hours to get those entries in.
Addendum #2: And the weiner, errr…winner is: Viva with her answer:
Ed Ward is right:

Please e-mail me c/o this site to have your prize (W.L. Gresham’s Nightmare Alley) sent to where ever it is you want it sent.
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