Gillian’s Found Photo #55

Recent posting have covered murderers, drag queens, pimps, dope dealers, and guitar players who hung from the rafters by their feet. I don’t think this guy was/did any of the above. The photo, was taken at a Teenage Hop, in Miami, Florida, 1963, and the gals seem to dig this Tom Hanks lookin’ little greaseball. I wonder who he is? I know who he isn’t. He is not Buck Trail, Tommy Spurlin, Ray Pate or Allen Page,  all known rockers who worked South Florida in the late 50’s and left great 45’s behind to prove it.
Perhaps it’s a local DJ who is presenting the Record Hop, that’s how many dj’s supplemented their  meager salaries back then (along with payola which had been outlawed by a congressional addition to the Federal Communications Act back in 1960).
 The photo is dated September, ’63, so if he’s not a dj, I think because of his rather straight appearance perhaps this guy (if he’s a singer plugging his new disc, he is lip syncing, since there’s no microphone to be seen), might have been more of a balladeer than a rocker. I bet he had a few “wop” songs in his repetoire. Maybe some Jimmy Roselli tunes? Can anyone out their identify this guy?

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