Gillian’s Found Photo #54

Since I’ve covered musician/pimps Larry Williams and Johnny “Guitar” Watson in recent posts, this shot from Fang’s archive’s seemed like a natural for this weeks found photo. Slick here sure looks sharp in that natural ‘fro and (rabbit?) coat. Peta types be damned (how come the Peta people only defend the rights of cute animals? Who will dare stand up for the cockroaches, mosquitoes, waterbugs, and rats, aren’t they living creatures? Speaking of which, plants scream out in pain when you pick ’em, as any person of science can explain, so those soybeans you’re eating have indeed been murdered just like those pork chops you decline, just because it tastes bad doesnt mean its good for you). Anyhoo, the coat in question seems to a customized job, check out the hem line just below the bottom set of buttons, looks like a completely different type of fur filling out the last foot and a half.

Getting back to our model de jour, the back of the photo reads Pillbury, Madison, Sutro, 225 Bush Street, Nov. 5-73, 5th Floor. Pillsbury (I assume who ever inscribed the back misspelled it), Madison and Surtro is a law firm that works out of 225 Bush Street in San Francisco (although these days they seem to have moved to the 6th floor), which I guess means Slick here was facing some sort of charges back in ’73. Anyone from the law firm remember this fellow? If I was on the jury I’d find him innocent for purely sartorial reasons. Then again, maybe he was/is a lawyer….
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