Gillian’s Found Photo #45

The Fang is back. And what has she dug up this week? No, this wasn’t taken in Germany in 1942, nor it is the Pope with his Nazi scout troup, it’s actually from somewhere in the mid-West of the good old USA. There were plenty of pro-fascist “bund” groups in the U.S. before we entered the war, and plenty of folks (Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Ambassador Joseph Kennedy among them) who thought maybe we should have sided with the Narzis as Mel Brooks would call ’em, to fight communism, don’t you know.

Hence, there were American Nazi rallies in Madison Square Garden and youth groups like the fun lovin’ bunch above who can’t wait to grow up so they can wear those snazzy SS uniforms.
Speaking of snappy uniforms, check out this clip here and keep in mind the wearers of the wild head gear also posses atomic weapons. As for the above group, I gotta admit, Nazi youth groups looked a lot less creepy back before the skinhead look became fashion De rigour.
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