Gillian’s Found Photo #41

This week’s found photo was taken in Korea in the mid-60’s, and these young grunts are about to be deployed to Viet Nam, a place they probably didn’t know existed a few years before. Inner city cannon fodder for the military industrial complex, the guy on the right seems to know the score. I wonder how many of them made it back alive, and in what kind of shape?

I remember back in Florida in the late 70’s a group of crazed Viet Nam vets set up camp in a putrid piece of swamp under I-95 and took to robbing passing cars by posing as stranded motorists, and sometimes they’d knock over local drugs stores for their dope supply, keeping the cops at bay for over a year. No way the cops were gonna drudge through that gator invested muck to try and flush ’em out. Eventually they all escaped, I don’t think anyone was ever prosecuted. As for the above crowd, as later photos in the Fang’s collection show, they all would become Black Panthers while in Nam, more photos of them to follow.
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