Gillian’s Found Photo #36 (part two)

This comes from the same batch of snap shots as last week’s found photo (#36), in fact the girl on the right of this photo can be seen be-wigged and adorning the arm of her pimp in that pic. The green velvet (or more likely, velour) pantsuit really brings back memories, my first girl friend in the eighth grade had one just like it. The girl on the left certainly has the classic 70’s look down. Who started that hat craze? Was it Ali McGraw in Love Story? Well, these girls look happy, and well fed, maybe the mack in the first photo wasn’t such a bad guy. Where do you think they are today?

BTW: In the comments section of GFP #36 one reader mentioned the pimping career of the Mighty Hannibal, which I didn’t know about, but as it turns out, in his day he was one of the most successful pimps in Atlanta. Evidently he’s quite happy to discuss the subject should you run into him, I wish I’d asked the last time I saw him.
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