Dennis Hopper 1936-2010

Dennis Hopper, John Ford, John Huston sent in by reader Paul Duane.

Tuesday Weld photographed by Dennis Hopper.

Trailer for Out Of The Blue, his best picture.”Subvert normality man….”

From the incredible documentary: Dennis Hopper- The American Dreamer by L.M. Kit Carson & Lawrence Schiller (1971)

From The Last Movie, best unwatchable movie ever?

He was a nut, but he was our nut. From Rebel Without A Cause to Key Witness to Apocalypse Now to Out Of The Blue, he livened up more movies than any other actor of his generation. He was on the best episode of Naked City, basically playing himself, a delinquent brat. He seemed to speak for all of us who can’t help fucking up, everyone who has ever spent years of their life drunk, high or both, out of control, and unable to bear the straight world. Dennis Hopper was our man. Actor, photographer, director, art collector, goof ball. See some of Dennis Hopper’s incredible photographs here. I have a giant print of one of his Ike and Tina Turner shots over my desk. I, for one will miss him. Obituaries can be found here, here, and here.
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