Hound Howl #048 – Aircheck & Playlist

Aired 01/19/2020
Length 1:58:42

– Set List –


1) Night Raiders – Cottonpickin’
2) Dale Hawkins – Cross-Ties
3) Nick & The Jaguars – Ich-I-Bon #1
4) Jet Tones – Twangy
5) Jades – Lost Train

Set Break
11:38 – 13:56

2nd Set

1) Ben Harper with The Penetrators – Which-A-Way
2) Don Willis – Boppin’ High School Baby
3) Joe & Ursula with Joe Morris & His Orchestra – The Good Book
4) Jim Myers & Tex Regan with The Gems – Pretty Baby Rock
5) Bobo Jenkins – Tell Me Who
6) Gene Criss & The Hep Cats – Hep Cat Baby

Set Break
29:28 – 32:17

Blues Hangover

1) Jimmy Reed & His Trio – High And Lonesome
2) TV Slim & The Soul Bros. – Juvenile Delinquent
3) School Boy Cleve – New Kind Of Loving
4) John Lee Hooker – Curl My Baby’s Hair
5) Cousin Leroy – Waitin’ At The Station
7) John Lee – Rythm Rockin’ Boogie

Set Break
51:26 – 55:47

4th Set

1) Lee Cole & The Beau Jesters – Cool Baby
2) Good Rockin’ Sam with Kid King’s Combo – Funny Funny Feelin’
3) Eddie Daniels – Hurry Baby
4) Ray Sharpe – Gonna Let It Go This Time
5) Turner Moore with Charley Moore & The Crystals – I’ll Be Leavin’ You
6) Billy Stewart & Michael Graham Crackers – I Want A Sweet Little Girl
7) Charles Christy & The Crystals – Cherry Pie

Set Break
1:13:39 – 1:16:26

5th Set

1) Guitar, Jr. – Knocks Me Out
2) Freddy Cannon – Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It
3) Tiny Grimes & His Rocking Highlanders – Ho-Ho-Ho!
4) Tommy Lomonte – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
5) Stomp Gordon – What’s Her Whimsy Dr. Kinsey
6) Scotty McKay – Midnight Cryin’ Time
7) Roy Brown – Ain’t No Rocking No More

Set Break
1:34:23 – 1:36:45

6th Set

1) H Bomb Ferguson & His Mad Lads – Little Tiger
2) 5 Chavis Brothers – Baby, Don’t Leave Me
3) Phil Flowers with The T.N.T. Tribble Combo – Twistin’ Beat
4) Chuck Dallis – Moon Twist
5) Roy Wright & The Rockin’ Blues Combo – I’m Going Crazy
6) Cokie & The Ty Rones – Josephine
7) Gary & Green with Rhythm Aces Band – Baby, Baby Doll
8) Lafayette – Yarborough – Cool Cool Baby

Set Break/Outtro
1:56:04 – 1:57:18

Rick Kay & His Shades Of Today – Red Man – White Man


Dale Hawkins

Dale Hawkins (born, Delmar Allen Hawkins, Aug. 22, 1936) died yesterday, he had been suffering from colon cancer for the past few years. He cut some of the greatest rock’n’roll records of all time for the Checker label between 1956-61 (a full discography can be found here).
Since all these sides and their outtakes have been re-issued by Ace, Bear Family and Norton
I’m not going to post any tunes, you can buy ’em. If those labels go out of business, there won’t be anymore rock’n’roll.
After leaving Checker he cut some singles for Tilt, a mediocre twist album for Roulette, produced hits for the 5 Americans and Mouse & the Traps amongst others, made a good country album for Bell in the 70’s and generally kept busy on the other side of the glass. He returned to performing in the 90’s and at the first Ponderosa Stomp, Dr. Ike re-united Dale with James Burton who as a fifteen year old had played on Suzi Q, his first and greatest hit. It was the highlight of an incredible night of music, too bad so many people missed it since they went onat 7 PM.
I’ve been meaning to post about Dale Hawkins, whose band was the training ground for so many great guitar plays (Burton, Roy Buchanan, three fingered Carl Adams, Kenny Paulson about whom nobody seems to know anything other than he died of a heroin overdoes in ’73,
and many others). Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find the right words to express just how great Dale Hawkins was, and I still can’t. So do yourself a favor, you’ll appreciate it more if you actually have to work for it, dig out those records, or go find ’em. They’re as good as it gets.
RIP Dale Hawkins.
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