Ron Asheton 2

As details emerge over the tragic death of the Stooges’ Ron Asheton I thought I’d post these pictures, taken by my wife Gillian McCain around 1994 at Ron’s house in Ann Arbor. That’s probably the chair he died in. Notice the hand grenade on the table behind him. I’m not sure what type of gun that is.
Since his passing his sister Kathy has had police posted outside the house (which is the house all three Ashetons grew up in, Ron, brother Scott aka Rock Action (here’s an unissued Stooges tune circa ’74 that bears his name); the Stooges drummer and sister Kathy). Evidently people have been attempting to remove his guitars, including his personal roadie (who was probably just trying to move them to a safe place, but who knows?). Anyway,I thought some of you would like these pix while I work on the next couple of blog subjects, I got a bit behind this week after being sick and then throwing my back out. Check back for something really special in a day or so.

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