Let me explain, I messed up the first post today by inserting the links to the discussed tunes wrong, then it took a few tries to figure out why I had messed up but I finally got it right. So today’s post is Meanwhile Back In The Jungle (scroll down) the rest are attempts to get the links workin’ so you could here those two great tunes, and now this is here to explain to scroll down to today’s post. I did want to add one more link, that’s the one to the archive of Hound radio shows: www.thehound.net. I’ll be updating this blog regular like, and Brian who tends to the Hound archives adds new shows and podcasts weekly.
Also in the next few days I’ll start to add links to some blogs I read. Over & out for today I hope….


for some reason the hyper links to the two tracks didn’t make it onto my last entry, let me try again (I’m new at this folks):
the Al Ferrier tune is here:
the Percy Mayfield tune is here:
also, I guess I should ad a photo so here’s a nice one of Jane Birkin.

meanwhile back in the states…..

First off I wanted to post the two tunes I talked about in my first post your anyone who wants to hear em, the Al Ferrier tunes I’m The Man
can be heard here: , the 45 is on Excello (the b-side of “Hey Baby”, you can get it on the excellent ACE CD The Rockin’ South, a collection of Excello rockabilly). It’s my favorite type of rockabilly tunes– a greaseball with a pompadour and a hard on tellin’ the world how cool he is.
The Percy Mayfield tunes- The Voice Within is here: , it’s a whole different bag of shells. The original 78 is on Specialty and you can find it on the Specialty CD Memory Pain. Mayfield was perhaps the most tortured and forlorn songwriter of the R&B era. He struck gold in ’51 with “Please Send Me Somebody To Love” which topped the R&B charts but after a car wreck disfigured his mug he stopped performing and turned to full time songwriting and recording. Mayfield wrote many of Ray Charlies early 60’s hits like “Hit The Road Jack” as well as Elvis’ “Stranger In My Own Hometown”. his version of that one (even better than Elvis’ for my $) is on the Rhino/Handmade CD Percy Mayfield My Jug & I a re-issue of an early 60’s LP he cut with Ray Charles and his band and was originally issued on Charles’ Tangerine label.
So it’s 9/11 here in New York. Since I’ve spent the last thirty one years living in lower Manhattan, of course I saw it, smelled it,
got my lungs permanetly damaged by the whole mess. My only comment now is exactly what I was thinking when I saw the first tower fall over– “there goes our civil rights”!. I was right. I’ll try and stick to cultural issues in these posts but I wanted to get that one in. It’s records like these that make me miss doing the radio show.
Speaking of my old radio show (with tons of shows archived and podcasted at
it was fun doing the WFMU interview with Rex, you can hear it archived at http://www.wfmu.org (follow the links to Rex’s show, I was on Aug. 9th). Of course I got censored (I pre-taped the interview at WNYC’s new ultra swank studios). What got cut out was this:
“Holly George Warren, that bug eyed freak ripped me off for $500 for the article I wrote for the crummy book about the blues”! (I won’t mention the title as I refuse to plug the thing) but it was part of the merch package to go along with Martin Scorsese’s crappy blues documentry that ran on PBS (the only good thing in that whole six hour + wank was the footage of JB Lenoir that was part of the Wim Wenders episode). Maybe I’ll dig out my contract and post it here. I like how she just refused to answer my e-mails on the subject when six months later I still hadn’t been paid. Then, shamless as ever writes me (two years later) to ask for free info for her very dull Gene Autry bio. It’s not like I really need $500, it’s the principle of the thing, a so called friend, who has never been shy about asking for favors (like a job for her husband) but then will turn around and beat me for a pissant amount of money and pretend like it never happened. I hope those bug eyes explode the next time you lie to a writer.
I’ll try and post more over the weekend, I’m starting to feel like I have something to say again, after talking myself out over the twelve years of weekly broadcasts.

Remembering Kelly Keller…

Aug. 16 is the birth date of Kelly Keller. She passed away on Sept. 24, 2004, she would have been 48. I think of Kelly every day.
Sometimes every hour. She was my business partner (one of several) at the Circle Bar in New Orleans, and one of my best friends.
And one of the best people I’ve ever met. I spent twenty years hanging out with Kelly, in New York, Boston, New Orleans, and many other places. Every place we went we had fun. Where Kelly was was the place to be at that moment, she was the hippest person there ever was. I’ve never met anyone with as much charisma, and as much passion for the things that make life worthwhile, whether it was great music, food, or just driving around shooting the shit. Kelly knew everyone worth knowing from Classie Ballou to Andre Williams. She loved great music and made the Circle Bar into the coolest bar in the world for the five years she ran the joint. She brought in talent like Barbara Lynn, Howard Tate, Andre Williams, Sonny Burgess, Roger Lewis, and too many others to name. All in a space smaller than your average living room. Nobody else could’ve done it. She brought in Dr. Ike and we formed the Mystical Knights Of The Mau Mau giving
Ike his first venue and through him we got many of the aforementioned artists as well as R.L. Burnside, Billy Lee Riley, Lazy Lester, Tousaint McCall, Jody Williams, Slim Harpo’s band, shit, I can’t remember them all. This photo was taken at the Lakeside Lounge in New York City, left to right are Suzanne Charbonet, me, Virginia Prescott, Kelly, and the late, great Bill Pietsch (more on him in a later post).
The world will never see another one like Kelly, it seems like the good ones are dying out fast while the bad ones go on forever.
In the past few years many of my favorite people have died: Bob and Alice Quine, Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Hasil Adkins, Cordell Jackson, Bill Pietsch, I’m afraid to pick up the phone lest the list grows longer.
So Kelly Keller’s gone, at least she didn’t have to see what happened to her beloved New Orleans. I’ll always remember her,
and when I think of her I think of something an old junkie passed on to me many years ago– “What ever it is enjoy it now, nothing good lasts for long”. ┬áKelly enjoyed her life and lived it to the fullest.
Goodbye Kelly, where ever you are.

The Hound On Rex’s Fool’s Paradsie

So I finally went back to WFMU to visit. Actually, I pre-taped my interview w/Rex Doane at the new WNYC studio (a two minute bike ride from my house), and Rex ran it last Saturday, Aug. 9th @ 2 PM. You can hear it from the WFMU Archives here:
It was fun, in addition to the interview Rex ran some old clips of me and Hank Ballard (Hank audibly snorting coke into the mike), and Nick Tosches, as well as some old theme sets including the beloved Poultry Section of the show. Also appearing that day was Danny Fields who was hilarious. Rex told me that Dave the Spazz had gotten a death threat about Danny via e-mail b Terry who interviewed Danny didn’t seem to know anything about it.
I also caught the Stooges Friday night, they played a very loose and sloppy set (on rented gear, the stuff was stolen in Montreal last Wed.). They were still great, they even did a few James Williamson era tunes: Search & Destroy and I Got A Right. I never thought I’d hear Ron Asheton play those tunes but I guess they were in the Stooges set back in ’71 when Ron and Williamson were sharing lead guitar duties. Even on an off night, the Stooges are the best rock’n’roll band out there and they always give it their all. God Bless the Stooges!
I added Eric Asimov’s 1991 NY Times Arts section profile on yours truly to the site. I hope to be able to add some tunes for you all soon as I figure out how to post ’em. In the meantime you can download single tunes, sets, or whole shows from It’s even cross referenced by artists, there’s also around a dozen podcasts complete with recently added commentary from me.
Rex kept referring to my appearence as “The Hound Rides Again” but under what circumstance would a Hound ride? Unless you put your dog in the bed of your pickup truck. Maybe he should’ve called it the Hound Woofs Again.

Will I Ever Get It RIght?

Both the below posts are wrong as it turns out, Rex Doane’s show w/my interview is running today (8-9-08) @ 1 -3 PM, followed up by our old pal, the legendary Danny Fields who’ll be on from 3-6 PM (my old “hangover” slot).

To change the subject a bit, Iggy & The Stooges were a bit off last night but still much better than any other band out there claiming to be R&R. Best suprises were two James Williamson era tunes- Search & Destroy and I Got A Right. I’ve seen ’em three times previously since their reunionin 2004 (and once in ’74) and they hadn’t been doing any of Williamson’s tunes, just the first two LP’s and the new one (The Weirdness). Am I the only one who likes the newer tunes “Electric Chair” and “My Idea Of Fun”? They’ve become staples of the Stooges live set and I always walk away with them stuck in my head. Keep in mind nobody liked their first three LP’s until twenty years after the fact. I think time will be kind to the Weirdness.

Corrections/ WFMU Great DJ’s Weekend

Pardon all the typos in the above post, and the mistakes. Anyway, I pre-taped the interview w/Rex Doane for WFMU’s salute to me which is part of their 50th Anniversary /Radio Greats weekend. It runs Saturday, Aug. 9th @ 2 -4 PM (91.1 FM in the NYC area, and streaming on http://www.wfmu.org). He’s running some old show clips also including one of my favorites with Nitro Nick Tosches as guest. ┬áThere’s tons of old Hound airchecks @ http://www.thehound.net you can check out for yourself as well as podcasts of the same. More coming as webmiester Brian Redman’s plan is to eventually post every show in which a tape can be found. That’s a lot of shows as I was on from 1985-1997. As far as doing new podcasts I’m still thinking about it. I’m hoping to be able to get this page more together and even post some tunes here so keep an eye on this site.

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