Hound Howl Historic -19920718

Originally aired July 18, 1992 on WFMU.
The Hound Howl is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Crossfires – Out of Control
Teenbeats – Surf Bound
Mike Waggoner And Bops – Basher #5
Bobby Fuller Four – Our Favorite Martian
Trashmen – On The Move

2nd set
Doug Sahm & the Pharaohs – Crazy Daisy
Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell – F-B-I Story
Larry Terry – Hep Cat
Jimmy Witter & the Shadows – If You Love My Woman
Andy Starr – Round and Round
Roy Orbison – Domino (unreleased)

Minneapolis Rock
Mike Waggoner And Bops – Baby Baby
Trashmen – Ubangi Stomp
Yetti-Men – My Baby Left Me
Trashmen – Roll Over Beethoven
Trashmen – New Generation

4th set
Ron Haydock & the Boppers – 99 Chicks
Ron Haydock & the Boppers – Maybelline
Ron Haydock & the Boppers – Rat Fink
Del-Aires – Drag
Los Locos del Ritmo – El Mongol
Dwight Douglas & his Jay-Hawks – Interstate 45
Charlie White Eagle – Red Roses For A Blue Lady

5th set
Larry De Rieux – Chicken Session
Mike Lawig – Chimpanzee Rock
Ray Sanders & Friend – Karate

Vibe Report

Vom Set (Norton out-takes)
King Uszniewicz & the Uszniewicztones – Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Wade Curtiss – Surfin’ Bird
Flat Duo Jets – Hey Boss Man
Real Kids – All Night Boppin’
King Uszniewicz & the Uszniewicztones – She Won’t Turn Over For Me

New England Rock and Roll from the Fifties
Gene Maltais – The Raging Sea
Alan Barni-coat – Savage
Buccaneers – Bye Bye Baby
Del Mingos – Hop, Skip and Jump
Charlie Feathers – Rain

Guys Who Later Became Famous
Squires (Neil Young) – The Sultan (1963)
Jades (Lou Reed) – Leave Her For Me (1958)
True Taylor (Paul Simon) – True or False (1958)
Iguanas – Again and Again
Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon – 20th Century Fox

9th set
Sir Lord Jim & the Piccadilly Squares – What Is a Wolly Booly
Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers – White House Twist
Danny Roland – Shockwave
Larry Diamond – Betty Booper
Playboys – Mope De Mope

10th set
Gino Washington – Gino is a Coward
Equadors – Let Me Sleep Woman
Creators – Booga Bear
Payments – Brand New Automobile
Eugene Fox – The Sinner’s Dream
Tom Reeves – Primitive Love

Bobby Fuller Four – Wine, Wine, Wine

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