Aerial View – Coney Island USA Spring Gala

This Aerial View was recorded Saturday, March 23 at the NY Aquarium during the 2019 Coney Island Spring Gala. Chris T. brings you full immersion in Coney Island the way only a true insider can.

You’ll hear Mermaid Parade Memories from:

  • Steven – Long-time Brooklyn Resident
  • Samuel – Never been to the Mermaid Parade
  • Kate Dale – Mermaid & Coney Island USA Board Member
  • Jim Fitzsimmons – Coney Island USA Business Director
  • Mark Alhadeff – Chief Justice, Mermaid Parade Judges, Coney Island USA Board Member
  • Dick Zigun – Permanently Unelected Mayor of Coney Island, Coney Island USA Artistic Director and Founder
  • Bambi The Mermaid – Coney Island Burlesque Performer
  • Chuck Varga – Coney Island Neptune
  • Jennie Jones – 2019 Mermaid Parade Poster Artist
  • Adam Realman – Coney Island Performer & Your Host
  • Rachel – Green Fairy at the Red Room Absinthe Tasting

All that and Belly Dancers, Dirty Martini and lots of overheard audio!

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