Here’s the Roster for tonight’s Aerial Viewlive talk radio at 6 pm Eastern time:

Nihilist At Last

    • Upside Down Update
    • Life. For the living, eh?
    • We’re Nihilists. We believe in nothing.
  • Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.

Dial (760)-I-CALL-AV to be on during the show or any other time, to leave a message for play on the air.

Aerial View is hosted by Chris T. and is LIVE every Friday. It replays Tuesdays, 6 pm Eastern time on thehoundnyc,com.

The Aerial View podcast drops every Tuesday, 7 pm, here:

Old WFMU Aerial View Archives are on the Aerial View playlist page.

The Facebook page is here and the Facebook group is here.

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