Crashing The Party debuts!

CRASHING THE PARTY is set to blow the doors off Sun., Jan. 13, 5 pm Eastern time, right after the live Hound Howl (3-5 PM). A new episode will blast off for two-hours every Sunday night, with replay throughout the week from 1 – 3 pm Eastern time.
Dedicated to the wildest wax in the Doo-Wop universe, CRASHING  THE PARTY is hosted by wax n’ shellac collector mavens Marc and Miriam.
CRASHING THE PARTY focuses on original vocal group harmony records – from the sublime to the savage – including  favorite desperate, dreamy, deranged and pure dynamite group sounds from the late 1940s to the early ’60s.
The show fans the flames with original collector kingpins who will be “crashing the party” with their own rare wax and stories of “the days” that will blow a hole into your idea of the way things were. Discover where and how small unknown records were forged into chartbusters by teenage record nuts who shared the music with their friends and ended up changing the way we listen to music, collect records and live our lives.
Marc and Miriam have featured collector legends like Times Square owner Louie Silvani (first time ever interview) and have another godhead collector slated for a new CRASHING.
Catch all the action every other Sunday, 5- 7 pm, at
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