Gillian’s Found Photo #66

The turban is the perfect sartorial touch for any man; Chuck Willis, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Sam The Sham, The Great Gaylord and many others have made this fashion statement into any art form. And it hides the doo-rag if your head is all nappy. Gals like it too.  I have no idea where or when this photo was taken, but it’s nice to see there’s alcohol involved, and our be-turbaned friend here seems to be patting down his diner. I for one think the turban should make a comeback. It’s the perfect post 9/11 fashion statement. I can just see the headline on the New York Times Sunday Style Section– The Turban–It’s Not Just For SikH Cab Drivers Anymore!

20 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #66”

  1. And Korla Pandit — who could leave him out!But trying to read the girl's HI! My name is badge reveals calligraphy that's beyond me, excpt her last name seems to end in a vowel.

  2. Don't forget Peter Singh 'The Rockin' Sikh', Wales's preeminent Sikh Elvis impersonator.I don't smoke dope.I don't drink bourbon.All I want to do Is shake my turban!

  3. This is a stunner! Who doesn't love a man in a turban? Everyone that is, except Nostramus. I kick myself whenever I see turban photos, because I once worked in a film archive where, late at night when no one was around, I'd prowl through the file cabinets with a pal. We once found an envelope with contact sheets of a turbaned man and a blonde wrestling on a dirty mattress. There were no identifying details. I kick myself for not stealing them.

  4. It's taken at a Halloween party; there is a witches hat on the wall behind the blond's head, and the guy behind our turban-headed friend has a laurel wreath on the back of his head. The blond lady has a “Hello my name is” badge that I think says “Helga Caresiello” but the last name is hard to read. From the hairstlyes, I'm guessing early 70s

  5. Jimbo, it's been awhile since you posted another column of your mutant ramblings, has your heroin habit really kicked in gear?Hector Aviles Candaleria

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