Gillian’s Found Photo #62

This little minx knows how to get a man….good records. There’s the second Elvis album, Jackie Wilson,
Patti Page (how much is that doggie in the window….?), and a pile of unidentifiable 78’s except the black, gold and white Specialty label at the top of the pile, my bet is that one is Little Richard, although it could be Willie Joe and his Unitar, or Don & Dewey singing Justine. Hell, that just may be Justine herself! Well before my mind runs away with me, I’ll just say this week’s Found Photo may be one of the Fang’s finest moments.

17 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #62”

  1. Definitely Johnny Mathis So wonderful Lp I hate to say I know that,I don't like him but have sorted through alot of records I didn't want to find the ones I did want!But hey she does have the E's first Lp

  2. Just a guess: This is the first (or so) of a series of photos. The subsequent pix are more and more …


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