Gillian’s Found Photo #60

Fang’s contribution this week is pretty self explanatory, a mugshot from the Minneapolis PD circa 1969. I give this little zit-faced greaseball snaps for keeping his pre-Beatles hair do, and getting his gal Loretta’s  name tattooed on his arm in a decidedly amateurish font (in fact it looks kind of crooked). The mock turtle neck sleeveless makes me think he night be wearing one of Loretta’s dresses. What do you think he did to get arrested, and where do you think he is today?

21 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #60”

  1. Undoubtedly a peeper!Minneapolis in the 60s is a hotbed of great mugshots. Least Wanted has a great collection of females that are straight of out a John Waters movie. Who knew?

  2. I just searched the Minnesota court records. Found two matches for Ray Jellison, born on 10/28/1950. No record of the '69 arrest, but our suspect was nabbed again in the '70s and '80s:27-CR-77-902802 JELLISON, RAYMOND10/28/1950 11/04/1977 POSSESSION WEAPON WITHOUT PERMIT—–27-CR-85-901427 JELLISON, RAYMOND10/28/1950 06/28/1985 ASSAULT 2ND DEGREE

  3. If that's his record, it could be a chop shop! I wonder if that's Ray in the video? I hope his acne has cleared up, he looks like his face was on fire and they put it out with a golf shoe.What did he do? Probably punched out somebody for making smart-ass remarks about his complexion and wardrobe. Watch out Hound, he might show up at the Lakeside Lounge some day soon.

  4. “He kinda looks like Mel Lyman with his teeth in.””Bryan Gregory's cousin?”I think he looks alot more like Bryan than Mel Lyman…and I have a picture of Mel hanging in my house that I walk past twenty times a day….

  5. He reminds me of Jackie Earle Haley…the actor that was in Breaking Away and one of the Bad News Bears movies…sort of the consummate juvenile delinquent.

  6. Jackie Earle Haley was also in THE DAY OF THE LOCUST as the obnoxious little child actor that Homer Simpson (Donald Sutherland) kills, leading to the apocalyptic riot, and, more recently, he portrayed Rorschach in THE WATCHMEN.

  7. Hello Hound,Nothing to do with the photo of acne head but any chance you could post the Dog style Cassette and the songs on your blog or even if you could remember what the songs were. I listen to your old radio show regularly and heard the tape being mentioned often and am obviously curious.Thanks

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