Gillian’s Found Photo #53

Fang’s back with another found photo. Again, date and place are unknown, but I think that’s the California State Highway Patrol in uniform. What I don’t understand, is what so damn funny?

Both officers and the young lady with prerequisite mascara overdose, much teased hair, and very cool pinstriped pants seem quite amused, the young, self styled James Dean (obviously the driver) less so. Can anyone make out the model of sports car behind them? Or figure out what’s so damn funny? I’d guess the year somewhere between ’62-66.

21 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #53”

  1. Highway 101. Collision from behind. This is the victim party of accident. 1964 Datsun. The at-fault party was intoxicated & was ramblimg on about how he had to swerve to avoid pink elephants in the road. The driver, here is upset at the damage to his vehicle, as well as how much delayed his lay will be.

  2. I think the cops are laughing at the woman's question about “do all highway patrolmen have as long of a flashlight as you do ? ” Soon, Mr. James Deano will be handcuffed to the steering wheel inside his vehicle.The summons will be ripped up, and the mascara babe will be escorted to the backseat of the cruiser for further “interogation”.Justice is served

  3. They're laughing at drunk Richard Burton threatening to kick faux Dean's ass for having the temerity to try to steal Liz whilst driving a '62 Plymouth Valiant with Cadillac hubcaps.

  4. Who's the photographer? Does this cat know him? Is the cop on the left a friend of the gal's dad? Does her look say Mortified or Stand By My Man? So many narrative possibilities….

  5. “Hey Hound, is there a public domain statute/loophole whereby you two can publish these in book form? They're great.”Keep an eye on this spot for a special found photo book coming soon……

  6. Daniel 007 Craig isn't laughing because he's the only one who didn't know that the Liz Taylor impersonator he picked up on Sunset Strip is a dude.

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