19 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #52”

  1. “What's with the money tucked in the corner of the pic? She just get paid?”My guess is she just got paid, it's hard to tell what the denomination of the bill is though….

  2. Hair, dress, makeup, shoes — all add up to mid-1960s — no earlier than 1964, no later than 1968 — unless she's from Texas, where the hair could have stretched until 1970. Room decor is strictly 1950s –yuk!(I was there for all of it.)

  3. Looks like a ring on that left hand – maybe she's heading out with cheating on her mind (that is if the dress doesn't choke her before she gets off the couch) Any guess where the pictures from?

  4. “Any guess where the pictures from?”Sadly, no, none of the photos from the pile it came out of had any info and all seem to be in that weird time period that could be from the early 60's to maybe even 1970.

  5. I don't even think she was black, she looks like a white woman with a tan. As far as dating the pic, I'm thinking 1968-69.Her dress is a little too colorful to have been before '67.

  6. I go with whoever said 1964-66; I might go on the early side of that looking at the hair style, but if that isn't Yardley Slicker lipstick she's wearing, I'll eat the dress.Then you've got the shaped eyebrows, big lashes, and white eye shadow highlighting the brow bone. ….very mid60s.

  7. The up-do is throwing people off, because it is very much an early 60s thing. But the dress is fairly psychedelic and it has a Pekin collar of sorts, and the earrings are fairly dangly, so I would date it at about 1967. Rowan and Martin Laugh-In era.

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