Re-Post: William S. Burroughs- Junky

William S. Burroughs engages in a different type of shooting up.

William S. Burroughs with martini and unknown female friend.

Second US Paperback edition, first UK paperback.

Autograph from the last time I saw him in Lawrence, Kansas, ’96.

I’m re-posting William S. Burroughs reading an abridged version of Junky (aka Junkie). As you may have noticed, all links before December 2009 have expired, but I’ll be occasionally re-upping some of the rarer things that are not available any other way. To see what I originally had to say about Burroughs and Junky from my September 2009 posting click here. I’m still
on vacation, so if I don’t answer e-mails, postings, phone calls, the doorbell, Facebook notifications, etc. please be patient, or better yet, give up. I’ll probably only disappoint you anyway. Here it is in four rather lengthy (45 minutes plus) segments: Junky pt. 1, Junky pt. 2,
Junky pt. 3, Junky pt. 4. Don’t you wish he would have tape himself reading from The Wild Boys?

3 thoughts on “Re-Post: William S. Burroughs- Junky”

  1. Back in the 80's, Burroughs gave a reading here at UT Austin. It was in funky old Hogg Auditorium. There were bats flying around inside the theater. It was a fortuitous coincidence, hearing the Commissioner of Sewers read in such a wreck of a place.


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